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North Port Oval upgrade

North Port Oval Upgrade

Photograph of the North Port Oval playing surface
Playing surface at North Port Oval, Port Melbourne


City of Port Phillip is preparing to upgrade North Port Oval. This reserve is a vital part of the Port Melbourne open space network and holds historical significance for the sporting community.

The playing surface improvements will ensure the ground can sustain the level of use now and into the future, is safe for players of both cricket and Australian Rules football, and is resilient to climatic change.

Playing surface upgrade

North Port Oval is a key site for local sport and community participation. The Port Melbourne Cricket Club and Port Melbourne Football Club have co-existed on these grounds since the 1800’s.

It is important that the ground meets the standards of the relevant sporting bodies to ensure competition games can continue to be played there.  Unfortunately in recent years the poor condition of the oval has presented challenges to both clubs as a result of the poor soil and drainage, and the oval has been deemed unusable for some scheduled VFL games.

The playing surface upgrade works are necessary to ensure the ongoing safe use of North Port Oval as a competitive playing ground as well as a public park.  The soil and drainage improvements will make the surface safer, and more accessible for passive recreation and other casual usage opportunities.

Construction works

Construction works include:

  • Removal of the oval picket fence, and reinstatement of a new white picket fence;

  • Removal of the players benches and reinstatement of new benches;

  • Removal of soil and subsurface infrastructure, and the installation of new turf, soil, irrigation and drainage systems;

  • Lengthening of the playing field by approximately three metres;

  • Installation of six turf cricket wickets.

The works will require the entire oval to be fenced off to the public and clubs until project completion. The ovals at J.L. Murphy Reserve (850 metres along Williamstown Road) will remain available for community use throughout the Summer period.

The construction fencing will remain in place around the work site until the new turf is established, to give the grass the best possible chance of thriving.

We’ve scheduled these works to occur over Spring and Summer, to optimise turf growing conditions and allow the surface to re-establish prior to the 2019 VFL season. The tenant cricket club has been accommodated at alternative venues for the upcoming season games and will return to North Port Oval next season.

The cricket nets, pavilions, and public amenities will remain accessible throughout the works for the clubs and the community. Some alternative access locations and paths to the facilities are required during the works and will be signed accordingly.


Traffic management controls will be in place for extended periods while works and delivery of materials occurs. Construction vehicles will access the site via the Ingles Street entrance. Changes to traffic conditions, particularly around this entrance, will occur throughout construction. The onsite car park will be used by the contractors undertaking the works.

All efforts will be made to minimise disruptions to traffic and residents. Works will commence from the start of October, and will occur on weekdays and Saturdays to ensure fastest possible completion of the project.

Timeline of upgrade works:

  • Site establishment                                           1 October 2018

  • Ground reconstruction works commence         Early October 2018

  • Construction Works completed                        January 2019

  • Turf establishment period                                January to April 2019

  • Open to the public and sporting activities         April 2019


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A video recently popped up on a Port Melbourne Football Club supporters facebook page:

It was filmed by one of the clubs most liked support staff, and it really looks like the ground is coming along very well indeed.  The sand base is down and it shouldn't be to long before we start to see the turf being laid down.

I'll try and get some photo updates to show the progress.  Hopefully it won't be too long before the fence goes up properly and it will really give a great idea of what the change in dimensions will look like.


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North Port Oval Upgrade (from the City of Port Phillip website)

Project Progress Update - December 2018

  • Sub-surface drainage works have been completed, as has the installation of the concrete spoon drain.

  • Installation of the boundary fence posts has been completed. 

  • Installation of goal post footings has been completed.

  • Cricket wicket construction is 75% complete, with levelling and turfing in early 2019.

  • Synthetic turf at interchange benches will be installed prior to Christmas.

  • Irrigation installation is underway. 

  • The next stage of works will be the supply and installation of sand for the oval. This will commence in early January 2019, with turf installation to follow later in the month.




Interesting they are making the ground 3 metres longer  which will bring North Port clolser in length to other VFL grounds..No doubt it will eat into the hill at the Williamstown Road end.

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It will reduce the capacity of the ground for vfl finals too. I've been meaning to have a sneaky walk around the ground to see how much it has changed the layout.