Yep, it could be a good niche market
20% (2 votes)
No thanks. Its cold and miserable
80% (8 votes)
Total votes: 10
NorthPort's picture

We haven't seen it since the days of Optus C7. 

I went out to a freezing, damp and miserable Waverley Park to see disappointing losses to Carlton and Richmond. 

Having said that, I quite enjoyed watching other games at the Rose Hotel in Fitzroy on a Monday night with 'lums'. They created a bit of interest. 

Could it be something tried again, sayat Etihad where conditions will be fine. 


blackrocker's picture

It would be set up for the AFL 2's ...not interested. 

bellstreetbill's picture

I'd be all for Monday games at Princes Park once the new lights are up and running

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