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2018 Round 7 Port Melbourne v North Melbourne


19/05/2018 02:00PM - Fortburn Stadium


Port Melbourne

B: 3. L. Tynan, 21. L. Cook, 22. D. Viojo-Rainbow

HB: 5. S. Lange, 8. D. Van Unen, 1. M. Rivett

C: 19. A.  Anastasio, 10. M.  Arnot, 4. T.  O’Sullivan

HF: 37. H. Hooper, 15. D. Beddison, 18. M. Wooffindin

F: 28. R. Nahas, 6. J. Lisle, 32. B. Pearson

R: 2. K. Haretuku, 14. I. Conway, 35. E. Templeton

Int: 17. A. Carr, 7. D. Conway, 20. G. Dickson, 42. T. Knowles, 9. A. Krakauer, 11. B. Lloyd, 45. J. O’Brien, 29. C. Walker

23P: 30. E. Phillips


In: J. O’Brien, D. Conway, A. Carr, T. Knowles



North Melbourne

B: 23. B. McKay, 31. B. Preuss, 40. T. Murphy

HB: 20. N. Larkey, 24. S. Durdin, 21. A. Morgan

C: 17. M.  Hibberd, 9. L.  Davies – Uniacke, 36. J.  Williams

HF: 6. T. Garner, 38. T. Xerri, 37. K. Hayden

F: 8. N. Hrovat, 52. N. Rippon, 27. W. Walker

R: 65. M. Close, 61. C. Jansen, 15. P. Ahern

Int: 62. F. Cameron, 64. L. Cunningham, 58. J. Harper, 59. N. Holmes, 45. O. Junker, 53. T. Leonardis, 41. G. Narrier, 71. M. Northe

23P: 70. N. Hogan


In: N. Hogan, J. Harper, N. Hrovat, G. Narrier, M. Northe, M. Hibberd

Out: M. Rodd, C. Zurhaar

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Dylan Conway back into the mix gives Port some real scoring versatility.


From that interchange bench, I'd expect the four to be Krakauer, Walker, Lloyd and Conway.



Port Melbourne   1.4  3.6  6.11  8.14 (62)
North Melbourne   3.3  6.5  7.8  10.10 (70)

Port Melbourne: Lisle 2 Pearson  Haretuku  Krakauer  Rivett  Conway  Dickson 
North Melbourne: Larkey 3 Junker 2 Close 2 Ahern  Xerri  Davies - Uniacke 

Port Melbourne: Cook Phillips Lange Tynan Pearson Van Unen
North Melbourne: Durdin Close McKay Davies - Uniacke Rippon Hrovat

A very frustrating game to watch.  Port had their chances in the last to win the game with the miss and dropped mark to Haretuku and the run down of Pearson.  Port are going to have to bring out their best next week against the Demons who beat Frankston by 106 points today.


Very disappointing effort for a $1.02 pop,i’ve seen north 2s twice and they couldnt get out of their own road,throw the form guide out the window

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Agree with both of you. After playing some of the best footy I had seen last week, it was a shocking drop off today. The skill level really fell away, Haretuku, who is the best Mark in the comp in my opinion fumbled several and Pearson had the opportunity to kick running goals in the first and last quarter.

I also felt that we just didn't play smart footy. 

Maybe it was just an off day. I hopefully hope so. 

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