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VFL R14 - Essemdon v Richmond


Round 14 – 08/07/2018


Windy Hill


B: 10. A. Francis, 36. M. Hartley, 41. B. McNiece

HB: 49. M. Dea, 14. J. Ridley, 30. B. Zerk-Thatcher

C: 37. D.  Clarke, 39. T.  Mynott, 35. M.  Guelfi

HF: 34. J. Long, 40. L. Lavender, 20. J. Merrett

F: 15. J. Green, 17. J. Stewart, 24. J. Houlahan

R: 38. S. Draper, 4. K. Langford, 3. D. Parish

Int: 61. W. Berry, 76. L. Collins, 75. T. Crosbie, 63. M. Darby, 64. J. Harrison, 59. A. Heppell, 57. N. Hind, 77. H. Hocking, 62. N. Lazzaro, 79. J. McQueen, 70. J. Sheahan, 55. D. Younan

23P: 54. K. Huntly


In: M. Dea, L. Collins, M. Guelfi, M. Darby, K. Huntly, J. Harrison, W. Berry, J. Green, T. Crosbie, K. Langford, D. Parish

Out: A. Boyse,  K. Mutch,  M. Leuenberger




B: 78. D. Coffield, 42. R. Garthwaite, 73. J. Ernest

HB: 37. C. Menadue, 46. B. Miller, 51. S. Morris

C: 33. K.  Mcintosh, 27. S.  Lloyd, 64. T.  Silvestro

HF: 54. J. Ballard, 79. W. Coates, 45. P. Naish

F: 48. L. Baker, 38. N. Balta, 62. M. O’Sullivan

R: 40. C. Coleman-Jones, 44. T. Stengle, 29. S. Bolton

Int: 55. R. Bathie, 67. B. Credlin, 65. J. Cusack, 56. B. Grewar, 74. R. Hayward, 52. S. Mannagh, 59. H. Tanner, 57. B. Wood

23P: 68. C. Riley


In: B. Grewar, W. Coates, R. Bathie, R. Hayward, M. O’Sullivan, B. Credlin, S. Mannagh, J. Cusack, H. Tanner, J. Ernest

Out: C. Moore, J. Townsend, A. Miles, J. Aarts, I. Soldo, C. Ellis

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Moore, Townsend and miles are three massive outs. Back essendon to win especially at windy hill. Richmond are favorites but are vulnerable with the key changes.