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Seems footy at the second tier in WA is not travelling too well either .....

Just on the subject of the footy record, how was this development publicised? If i hadn't read it here I wouldn't have known until i arrived at the ground. It doesn't bother me too much as I agree it is a crap publication with very little of interest, but it is handy if there is a Willi player i don't recognise or an opposition player who is going well. I can't be fagged looking up the numbers and names on my phone & I think most people would be the same. And I know several people who like to mark off the starting 22/23 and record the goals in their footy record, they won't be happy and most of them don't use a mobile. Strange decision, but nothing this mob allegedly running football in this State does surprises me anymore, and don't get me started on abolishing the DL, lunacy .....


Seems Arj's Eye to the right of this page doesn't agree,calls it "an exciting innovation"?,might be on the payroll.


Think of the money you'll save on postage Rocker !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Arj's Eye

Exciting innovation you must be joking !!! 



I think you are right Bearsman the competition is in its death throes with the AFL not caring as the old die hards still see it as competition and thats why they dont encourage ways to improve crowds.

To not have a Football Record/Recorder for what is supposed to be the second grade comp in the state is just pathetic

Mickey Mouse comps are run better than the current bastardised VFL.and the AFL clearly have given up on the concept of a State League with different types of teams playing and are quickly going down the full AFL Reserves comp route with maybe a token Tassie team in a couple of years..

Interesting thhe AFL are now starting to treat the Womens comp with the same contempt.

.I think people have to get their head around the fact the the AFL is only the old VFL in a new guise with a few teams tacked on. FFS there are TEN teams still in Melbourne out of 18 what does that tell you?Unfortunately all the former strong State leagures and the VFA are just a shadow of their former selves giving up most of their rights to the AFL- just what the VFL/AFL always wanted total domination and control.

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To me its obvious that Arjs Eye either works for or is somehow associated with Afl Vic. If they wanted to go digital, they could still do both. If it was a question of wastage they could print less. MEGAA - THE MAN WITH ALL THE SOLUTIONS!!!




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My feedback will be NEGATIVE !!!!!  Will not be downlowding or searching for a players number on phone. Might have to yell out number 46 or whatever number the player is. Feedback will be about as good as getting rid of the developement league. But that doesn't matter to GRIM Reaper as he will be getting rid of the footy record forever.  RIP VFA Recorder, VFL record etc. What's next GRIM REAPER cashless stadium where credit cards to purchase drinks and food at VFL matches ?? I shouldn't laugh as knowing the clowns at the VFL it could happen. LOL 

AFL Victoria Record goes digital

AFL Victoria will trial a digital football record this weekend for Peter Jackson VFL Round 19 and Swisse Wellness VFL Women’s Round 14.


We will use the trial to demonstrate the exciting possibilities of an online game-day experience to our audiences, with no hard-copy of the AFL Victoria Record to be available at matches.

Getting hands on the record has formed an integral part of attending the footy for many decades, but the nature of having to produce and print it well in advance of games often limits the relevance of information contained within.

Advances in the digital space over recent years have enabled more options for providing up-to-date information on gameday, with both the VFL website and VFL app having the ability to house all the information currently in the record – including team lists, round previews, media coverage details and the previous weekend’s results and stats.

In addition, our digital platforms ensure this information is accessible when, where and how users want it.

Our evolving audience has shown an increasing preference to access VFL and VFLW information online in recent times, clearly evident in the fact that the VFL app has been downloaded over 17,500 times since its launch in April and the VFL website averages over one million pageviews per month.

The trial will involve AFL Victoria promoting a ‘hub’ page on the VFL website ( – similar to the hub pages we already promote on social media of a weekend – as well as a ‘RECORD’ button in the VFL app, with both locations providing all the information that fans need to get involved in the action.

For those still after something tactile in their hands on gameday, we’ll also provide PDF versions of team lists that can be printed out prior to the weekend.

As part of the trial, we will seek feedback from fans and clubs on their thoughts about the online experience to inform how we transition towards greater use of the VFL website and app on gamedays.

The tradition behind the footy experience is important, but its future offers fans more than ever before and all right at their fingertips.

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Rather than just taking the Record away, why cant they have both? If the digital shit becomes more popular then phase out the Record. I doubt printing up the VFL record is going to send the AFL broke....we are always hearing from Big Dill McLauchlan that they want to preserve the traditions in football...well mate, the Record is a tradition. I cant imagine going to the footy and not having one...

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the key to the "digital experience"



If you go to round Preview it shows Richmond v Williamstown Saturday 11am,according to both clubs web sites,sportsbet  and official fixtures it's a 12.30 start.

Wouldn't it be an auspicious start if they've got this wrong??