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VFL 2ND - Semi Final - Geelong v Box Hill


Semi Final 2 – 09/09/2018


Stannards Stadium


B: 75. C. Mitchell, 30. T. House, 56. B. Reid

HB: 39. Z. Guthrie, 20. R. Gardner, 40. J. Thurlow

C: 31. J.  Cunico, 64. T.  Atkins, 19. Q.  Narkle

HF: 41. J. Jones, 34. J. Parsons, 37. S. Simpson

F: 6. L. McCarthy, 17. E. Ratugolea, 32. G. Miers

R: 9. Z. Smith, 13. L. Fogarty, 33. G. Horlin-Smith

Int: 18. C. Constable, 63. S. Dobson, 66. A. Grace, 52. N. Horbury, 53. J. Keras, 55. L. Kiel, 54. S. Siggins, 51. J. Tsitas

23P: 72. T. McMullan


In: N. Horbury, S. Siggins, C. Mitchell, S. Dobson, J. Keras, T. McMullan

Out: M. Hayball,  J. McLachlan


Box Hill Hawks

B: 64. T. Duryea, 59. K. Brand, 32. D. Mirra

HB: 43. C. Jiath, 61. T. O’Brien, 42. T. Miles

C: 44. C.  Glass, 46. J.  Cousins, 52. J.  O’Rourke

HF: 41. O. Hanrahan, 37. J. Ross, 36. D. Moore

F: 51. B. Whitecross, 39. M. Lewis, 50. D. Willsmore

R: 56. M. Pittonet, 60. K. Lovell, 63. D. Howe

Int: 7. A. Brolic, 10. W. Hams, 12. C. Jones, 11. B. Kilpatrick, 2. A. Moore, 3. W. Murphy, 4. M. O’Donnell, 21. L. Walker

23P: 17. T. Maloney


In: M. O’Donnell, D. Mirra, L. Walker, W. Murphy

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Quarter time and Box Hill out to an early lead.

Box Hill 4.6 30
Geelong 1.1 7



Piss poor crowd today The VFL better hope Essendon make the GF as they seem to be the only AFL reserves mob that can pull a decent crowd.

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Went to central reserve Waverley today the old Waverley panthers vfa ground. It was efl 1st division first semi final between Blackburn v Doncaster. Ironically Blackburn wear same jumpers as Waverley and are called the panthers. Doncaster wear old Caulfield bears jumpers. Time warp a throw back to watching Waverley v Caulfield LOL. 


Agree with Billy,the bean counters will be desperate for Essendon to make the Grand final but from what I've seen a Caseyv Willy final looks a certainty which will draw the lowest crowd for years.

Turd dome will resemble a Sydney rugby stadium with hardly anyone there.

Interestingly i ventured to Preston to watch Nth Heidelberg and Macleod I was surprised how many supporters both clubs had,would more than double Willy or Port,much better than watching AFL seconds.

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Great crowd at Central Reserve Wavelrey yesterday as well. The local footy do get good crowds. Looks more than likely Willy v Casey GF. Going to EFL GF div 2 on Saturday Lilydale who is one of gthe oldest footy clubs in Australia playing East Doncaster at Boronia. CGull you might have to come along as watching Lilydale has always been on your bucket list.  Very picturesque ground at Boronia.


I'll be there Georgie,at least that's one blue and gold jumper I can barrack for!

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Should be very even contest. I'll be cheering on Lilydale to beat East Doncaster. Mark Browning and Paul Roos both played for East Doncaster who were called Beverley Hills FC.