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Casey Demons
40% (2 votes)
60% (3 votes)
Total votes: 5


Melbourne will win tonight which will flow on to Saturday with casey. Essendon have been playing well though.

Willy v Essendon would be a good GF

Casey too good but Essendon are very potent up forward. Stewart, Green, Younnan capabale of winning it for Essendon if not shut down.

Stewart is a good mark. Very strong overhead. Green got delsited and if he does not get picked up by an afl club would be a great asset for one of the VFL stand alone clubs. Daniel Younan ex Coburg could get drafted and worth a shot at AFL level. Gold Coast could do worse than draft Younan. Essendon do look dangerous but I think with Casey having a week off and the flow on from Melbourne will fall in favour of Casey. They would want to be on their game though as the bombers are on a roll and will have very good crowd support. .

Younann is very underated. No doubt he would do ok at AFL level, but AFL clubs dont draft many small forwards theses days. Just ask Ben Cavarra.