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22 teams and only 16 rounds. Don't know what to think. How are they going to work out fixtures. I would have been happy with a 20 round season. At least they are playing for the VFA clubs travel expenses. Great to see Preston back. As for the competitions name sounds ridiculous. At least we can go to watch footy next year after being hibernation all of this year. Stand in the outer, sink a few cans and enjoy !! Missed going to the footy this year. Looking forward to some local footy games as well in 2021.


I think it's exciting that the competition has had some fresh air breathed into it.

My concers would be that it's not dominated by the AFL clubs.

Will it last or be just a flash in the pan. ?

The salary cap of $200.00 wont go far, so I guess designed to keep most experienced players out & to nurture younger players.

Will the travel costs include accomodation or just FIFO on match days. ?

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The salary cap is a joke just like this typical bastardised AFL controlled comp!

Sandy is probiblby better with St Kilda under these new circumstances (I just washed my mouth out with Lifeboy for saying this)

as they wilh have a few decent players on their reduced list avaiable to play for the Zebras..

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I believe it will be a FIFO situation Digs.  I think they will pay for something like 30 seats, then any additional would be paid for by the clubs (or something similar).


Wally from Will...
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With a $200K salary cap I am thinking that a lot of players will be making their way over to SA & WA where those leagues still control their own destinies and are not dictated to by the almighty AFL


Yeah Wally I don't think 200K would buy many good players! If you average about 30 players on the list its $7000.00 per player.

Good luck with recruting any decent ex AFL players.

Wally from Will...
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A lot of them mysteriously go to the Ammos and play for nothing, allegedly .....

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Does anyone know how much the salary cap was previously in the VFL? 200k seems a bit light on...

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Bearsman I believe the salary cap last year was around $330 k ( for some reason 320 and 340 were in my head not sure which one it was so i'll just stick with 330).

Somebody said that theirs no finals - is that what the AFL has stated or is that just a assumption as they have not mentioned anything about the finals as yet ? If their is a finals series id say it is going to be 8 sides as to minimise travel expenditure. It will be interesting to see the fixture when it comes out - hopefully like other seasons it is released by the end of the year.

As for players dissapeading to the SANFL - I've heard that the SANFL cap is also going to be 200k and that local leagues will have a decrease in their salary caps as well.

Is the AFL likely to listen to AFL clubs if at seasons end they say that they want a longer season as 16 rounds is not enough or do the AFL clubs work around this by playing more practice games (after all hate to say it but the regular season is not significantly more important for the AFL clubs than their practice matches).

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Mega, 16 round season is only for 2021 due to Covid

the season can not start until Anzac Weekend due to cricket not finishing until April 17/18 weekend

Grand Final reverts back to September 19.

It will return to normal in 2022.