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Balwyn have had a crack at Cousins the problem being he would earn more than the other 21 team mates combined. :lol:
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Balwyn would be able to afford it. It would not worry Balwyn as they are dead set trying to buy a flag. It did not help them last year as they bombed out in the first semi to East Ringwood. With the likes of Vermont and Noble Park it is always not as simple as get the cheque book out. Both Vermont and Noble Park have been powers for years and always develop players through their juniors as well as luring players from the afl and vfl. Imagine Cousins lining up for a team like Balwyn playing at Vermont or Noble Park. What kind of abuse from the locals would he cop ? My money is Cousins won't play anywhere in 2008.
Noble have used their cheque book and continue to do so. Vermont do not pay over the top from my obevations. Balwyn as you say want to buy a flag I just could not see there backer putting up another 100k for one player after he has already put in 400k. East Ringwood are trying to match all four. The rest well they just make up the numbers there it appears. Cousins would bring people through the gate, whether to the extent of $100k I doubt. He would slaughter the opposition if he avoided the winter snow. The abuse would be no different than what a few players cop in that leauge, just louder due to the crowds. Mind you I agree with you about what he will be doing.