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Matt Burns
Rico, any word on where Matt Burns from the Dandenong Stingrays has decided to play? Saw him a bit late last year and prior to the rookie draft training at Hawthorn and thought he showed quite a bit. Infact a little surprised he wasn't rookie listed. Given our need to develop goal kicking options would like see him at Box Hill.
ouch !..........shamed me into this one boots. Hate to say it but I'd forgotten all about him !!!! I too was a huge wrap for him and his training form was terrific. Must make a few enquiries to see what happened to him.
I too thought that Matt Burns looked the goods at training. Good leap, enthusiastic and a fair size. I waspretty suprised he wasn't rookied, but I'd certainly welcome him at Box Hill.
Guys I've been reliably informed that whilst Matt Burns oozed talent , his attitude may have been better suited to a lower level of footy where the demands were not so great. I'm told he will probably head back towards Rye on the Peninsula.
Thanks Rico. A shame really. Maybe with a bit of maturity Matt will realise the opportunity being offered to him and be a late bloomer. Given the level playing field these are the types of players that can really give a club an advantage if they can alter the character of the individual.
Its probably one of the frustraing things in footy - young blokes with talent who may not have the right attitude. Matt Burns played some good footy last year at Stingrays. Has a powerful left foot kick, can take a mark and in one TAC Cup final he made Troy Chaplin (pick 15 in the draft) look second rate. He would've kicked 25-30 goals last year in the TAC Cup. Disappointing decision not to go on and try his luck at VFL level.
Upon listening to the SEN coverage of Frankston and Coburg, I just realised Burns is playing for the Dolphins this year. Looking forward to seeing him play.
Played last year at Sorrento and had a good year at Full Forward. Your right about him looking the goods. Strong and a capable kick at goal. Will take a bit of time this season for the Dolphoins forward steructure to get settled with Luke Molan likley to come back this week after injuring his ankle in a practice match. Got through a game in the 2's on the weekend. Its up to Burnsy now to show what he has.
I saw him play for Frankston against Coburg on Saturday. Played up forward but his kicking was poor.
I always had the passion and the drive to play, i was working at the Portsea pub over that summer and one night all the Hawks guys were relaxing and enjoying themselves at the pub. I was just there working nothing else, then the next week coaching staff and selectors decided not to pick me for the Rookie Draft.... A year later i heard from a reliable sorce that the coaching staff had heard word that i was a heavy drinker and was not commited.... I am not now nor have i ever been much of a drinker! let alone a heavy drinker... I would have certainly relished the opportunity to play at the highest level of all...
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Sorry to hear that Matt. Rumours and innuendo have probably destroyed a few careers over the years. Are you still playing the game at surburban level?