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STANGAS out and about
Saw the GOOCH Marguccio pounding the pavement in his Box Hill gear the other day around Doncaster. . . after starring in the 2nds finals series, looks like he's making one last effort to consolidate himself in the ones in 2007 . . . our longest serving current player. Saw Sammy Rudolph on his bike around Blackburn, and what i'm 99% sure was Trevor Batchelor out for a jog in the Box Hill area . . . could he be returning from Perth to play with the Stangs, or possibly back at Mitcham, or just back for a holiday? Been weird, just kept seeing players, Chris Hyde was in Blackburn North Safeway the other morning at 7am buying serial, the same place i've seen Nick Sautner a couple of times!
Perhaps there should be a new Forum: [u]Stalker out and about[/u]. by the way what cereal is the biggest seller at Safeways.