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Frankston best and Fairest for 2007
Here are the awards that were presented at Frankston Football Club today. [u][b]RESERVES[/b][/u] [b]Best and Fairest[/b] Mitch Bosward 27 votes Adam Kirkwood 21 votes Matt Stanley 20 votes [b]Most Consistent Player:[/b] Matt Stanley [b]Most Determined Player:[/b] Glen Manson [b]Best Team Player:[/b] Mark Pendlebury [u][b]SENIORS[/b][/u] [b]Best and Fairest[/b] Ash Roberts 26 votes Neil Winterton 22 votes Marcus Marigliani,Shaun Pollard 18 votes [b]Most Consistent Player and Best Clubman Award:[/b] Shaun Pollard [b]Best Team Player:[/b] Daniel Clarke [b]Best First Year Player:[/b] Adam Kirkwood
Well done to Ash Roberts,he's had a terrific few years at Frankston. Seems a strange decision for him to be giving it away when he's at his peak.He'll absolutely dominate the Southern league,maybe get on Chelsea Heights for premiers now.