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What do people think of Nth Ballarat?
I've nearly finished taking a look at todays game against Werribee (I need a life but anyway), they didn't get beaten by too far and were without Biddiscombe, Saunders and had Jurica back for his first senior match of the year. McLean hasn't played a lot either but was out there today. They also have a reserves side that is killing it this season. Are they a side who could potentially pose a threat come September? 4 wins, 4 losses after 8 matches now but a low percentage (mainly caused by a flogging from Bendigo). The game against Sandringham next week at home for them is massive. Will really show where the Roosters sit I think.
I heard Phil Cleary lamenting the fact that a number of their ex AFL players only train once a week with the team which in today's footy at VFL level can't be all that good for team spirit and bonding. If true I also think this might have a big bearing on how they perform over the next few critical weeks.
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I think its just the Friday night training session at most clubs with and AFL alignment that the entire squad trains together. I've watched to midway through the final quarter, and the Roosters have given Werribee a decent run. You are right that North have some good players to come back into the side, but Werribee only had 10 AFL listed players in their side, so they will probably be a bit stronger towards the finals.. Pods has just kicked his 7th goal, really good to see a big forward kicking a bag of goals.. Who was the last to kick 10 in a game? Sautner I'm guessing.


Im pretty sure Pods kicked 10.1 against springvale last season. He was close to being drafted last season but sydney decided on a bendigo player instead.
I think it is an absolute joke, that Pods hasn't been given the opportunity at a senior AFL game. I still remember his first Wizard Cup game at the age of 21, when he played on Hall and Lockett and I thought did quite well, despite the Pies getting thumped on the day. While not as agile as a Tarrant or Riewoldt of the AFL, clearly Pods is no dud and is far better than many going around on AFL lists. If this wasn't the case, he wouldn't have such a strangle hold on the goalkicking in the VFL this season. He is clearly the dominant forward of the comp. I just hope that some recruiters give him a final shot, despite him turning 24 later this year. What is the worst that can happen? If he doesn't make the grade, he keeps killing it in the VFL, one spot on a list is taken up and you have a mature KPP ready in the case that any injuries arise. The best: he may get a shot and finally show something at the highest level. The Swans drafted back a player they delisted the year before, and look where it has got them! They still don't plan to play him! I don't like this attitude of clubs developing players for 5 years who turn out to do nothing. Give a bloke, who has shown he can play in a very good league a chance!
Great topic people - I love discussing the trials and tribulations of players. Where have they come from, where are they heading? Pods put on a show on Saturday ... it was great to see! Any comment from anyone about his State game performance?
The player Sydney took from Bendigo in the rookie draft was Guy Campbell. Hes a touch taller than Pods, the swans see him as a back up ruckmen/ forward. I too agree that Pods is deserving of a spot on an AFL list. As a forward Im sure if was given game time he'd be capable of kicking 30-40 goals in a season. Hes quick, can mark and is a super long kick. In inside footy, Paul Roos told him to keep at it hes very close! So you never know hes only 24. And Michael OLoughlin is not getting any younger and has been struggling with injury. Apart from Barry Hall, they dont really have any tall options. Hed give a better account of himself that Nathan Saunders did at the bulldogs thats for sure.
[quote]Any comment from anyone about his State game performance?[/quote] Oh, I will comment on his state game, footymad! Your comment was not endearing. Now, I saw one of the best one-on-one marks that I have ever seen at a crucial stage of the last quarter from Pods. He hit the packs hard and provided a strong presence, particularly after the pathetic delivery from the midfielders early in the game. His pack-crashing mark should have been paid on the stroke of 3/4 time too. And, his goal after the siren, under pressure circumstances was superb. We are supposed to be promoting our VFL players! And, for the record, Pods turns 24 in September, I believe.
I live just around the corner from the ground and I find that the team is going pretty well under Gavin Crossica.
[quote="onslaught"]You are right that North have some good players to come back into the side, but Werribee only had 10 AFL listed players in their side, so they will probably be a bit stronger towards the finals..[/quote] Werribee also "rested" Brad Murphy and Keiran McGuinness who were on standby in case Chris Grant and Matthew Robbins didn't come up for Sunday. Both played less than a half each.