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Bullants vs Tasmania
Just to let people know the Northern Bullants reserves will be playing the Victoria Country Under 18's prior to the Bullants vs Tassie game on Sunday.
When you lose three in a row, any win is a relief but the Bullants were far from impressive in defeating Tasmainia by 41-points. But for the first 15 minutes of the game, the Bullants were terrible until half-time and were lucky to be within a point. Their second-half was much better but against a better side the game would have been out of reach. The Bullants need to improve sharply on recent form if they are to play any part in the finals. They seem to have lost the hunger for toughing out contests, that may be explained by a confidence crisis or a perception that the alignment is coming to an end and therefore there isn't much to play for! Josh Houlihan [6 Goals], Ross Young, David Teague and David Boundy were the Bullants best. Houlhan is in career best form, Young is close to a AFL recall, Teague held the side together and Boundy was again good up forward after starting the game on the bench.
I only saw the second half but from what I was told yesterday that seems a pretty spot-on assessment, Bullant. David Boundy, from the ammos, has been a real find. Tassie might surprise someobody in the second half of the year but a lot of them didn't look physically equipped to play in the VFL.