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Zebraman I am not the doing the stirring I have learnt in years when the game is finished I have not stirred opposition supporters . I just take the win and cop it it sweet when we lose.ok we finished bottom this year ,your team is playing in the finals,thats the way it goes,I am only defending my team as you and others would do for their team.I only voicing my opions on what the competion should be.Even though we finished last I have enjoyed being our own team and not a alligned team.We may have some players that have had AFL experience not much the rest are from the under 18s competion.At least we know who will be playing each week with the club and not losing them to the afl club.I not here to have war with about port and sandy what happens in the past doesnt matter to me.Dont worry I have been stirred by oppositon supporters for years but that doesnt upset me I get on with my life.I have followed port since 1960 , I am a player sponsor and love my club and also grew up in port melbourne so you can gather I will defend my football team from any comment.Zebraman get on with life support sandy and stop bashing port all the time.I would rather read constructive comments. Go Borough!
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I've gotten on with life years ago Bobby B...and if this forum was for constructive comments only then it wouldn't exist for long...that's what supporting teams is about...having a go at each's been that way since the competition began...I can't imagine you at a Port/Williamstown match applauding a Willy goal...or CGull espousing the virtues of Steven Lawrence I enjoy the rivalry between the teams and this forum is just another way of continuing the rivalry during the week ...imagine if Dolphin and me agreed on everything,,,,,how boring would that be.... I'm not going to write in here how wonderful Port Melbourne is and expect you to write the same about Sandy...I had a mate on the commitee at Port and we used to give each other hell...but we always had a drink together and had a laugh about how our teams were going... Lighten up Bobby....after's only a game GO ZEBRAS... GO ZEBRAS

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Go Zebras you bloody beauties! So much for the VFL coach of the year( the coach of the year should be the Premiership one) and his fantastic almost unbeatable team then again we are talking about Carlton players :P