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Springvale: Another New Coach?
From the Scorpions Website: "It is expected that the club will soon formally announce that coach Graham Wright has decided not to continue as coach in 2005". They haven't had much luck with the coaches down there. I think that means since being with St Kilda they've had Peter Nicholson (2001), Ken Sheldon (2002), Gerard Fitzgerald (2003) and Graham Wright (2004).
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What is the problem with the club and its inability to keep coaches. Their recruiting leaves a bit to be desired as well and as a follower of the TAC Under 18's I am amazed at the lack of players they get from the TAC teams in their area.
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Has anyone heard anything about the rumour that if (when) the Scorpions move out to Cranbourne, that the Saints will try to secure an alignment with Frankston? Heard it from a few people now, and beginning to wonder if there is any truth to it?

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Would be surprised if Frankston align with St.Kilda although maybe the thinking has changed at Frankston over the past couple of years. I heard a couple of years back that Frankston was St.Kilda's preferred partner, but that Frankston wasn't keen and the deal never eventuated and thus St.Kilda aligned with Springvale.
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Frankston has not intention of aligning with an AFL club, the VFL has allocated TAC U/18 Stingrays to Frankston for recruiting purposes and Gippsland Power to Springvale. Money or lack of it is Springvales problem.