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I'm not sure if you mean the seating is modest or the building. The building itself will accomodate around 120 in the social room, and 200 seated under cover. That's all you'd currently be able to see at the ground. In addition there will be seating for around another 150 people on mobile stands (relocatable to the cricket ground or criterium course out of season) and around another 200 people on bench or raised sleeper seating in various spots around the ground. It's a case of suck it & see. Then, of course, many people stand at the footy as crowds have done for generations. If there's a need for more seating the club and the Council will no doubt have a chat. If you mean the building is modest, it might just seem small given how open the site is and how big the ground is. It's not too small. Can't wait for Round 4!
Around $13 million funded by the City of Casey. I was wondering why my rates have skyrocketed. Old Rob "Bloody" Wilson and his lap dogs are killing me.
Thanks for the info caseyscorp. Didn't know about the re-locatable stands. The venue will provide outer south eastern fans with a great opportunity to see quality footy in their neighbourhood.
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Seating is supposed to go up to around the 1000 mark after completion of the ground. Don't suppose anyone has an up to date picture of the ground? The Casey council site doesn't have a decent picture of the the current state of the Oval. The last one I have seen of the grandstand is: [url]


The grandstand has come a long way since that photo! I hope the Council puts some new photos on the net soon.
Everyone is welcome to Fields opening 9th February 2006 09:21:45 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE largest sporting facility in the south-east opens to the public next week. The 70-hectare Casey Fields site in Cranbourne East is a multi-million dollar sport and recreation venue that includes a VFL oval and pavilion, two football/cricket ovals, four soccer pitches, 12 tennis courts, six netball courts, three rugby fields, athletics and criterion tracks, social club and parkland. Casey Fields is home to VFL club Casey Scorpions, premier cricket club South Melbourne, Cranbourne Football and Netball clubs and other local sporting clubs. Casey mayor Kevin Bradford will officially open the much-anticipated facility at a special celebration on Friday, 17 February. There will be a free community barbecue, public art unveiling, live music and plenty of entertainment for the kids. The Casey Fields opening will be held from 5.30pm to 8.30pm at the Casey Fields Village Green, Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East. For more information contact Casey Council on 9705 5200.
There is now an updated photo of the grandstand on the City of Casey website: as well as photos of some of the other facilities. I'm looking forward to when Casey Fields is a buzzing hive of activity with all sorts of sports and thousands of people there. Can't wait until 29 April for Round 4 (Casey Scorpions v Box Hill Hawks).
Council have not got enough funds to finish that monstosity. Haven't they ripped enough money out of the Casey residents and now they want more. Rob wilson is in enough trouble with his other ground in Narre Warren, this black duck is not going anywhere near Casey Fields as i rekon it has been a waste of money that the Council should be throwing into roads that need upgrading.
Casey Fields will cost around $30 million of Council money by the time it is finished, which will be in quite a few years. By that time it will have around 17 sports grounds, an aths track a cycling track and tennis courts. As well as around half a dozen pavilions. It will be the major active recreation complex in SE Melbourne. The current issue about additional funds is to bring forward a few extra facilities for some of the other sports areas - not the VFL facility. Some things are the responsibility of Councils - other things are the responsibility of the State Govt. Sports facilities are generally a Council responsibility (although sometimes the State Govt throws in a grant), whereas roads are split between Councils (local roads) and the State Govt (arterial roads). I would bet the roads you want upgraded, Redlegger, are arterial roads. The other ground (actually 2 ovals) in Narre Warren (actually Narre Warren North) is an approx $4 million complex being developed by Council. Seems like there might have been a bit of over-promising regarding delivery timeframes on that one. Four years ago Council opened the $17.4 million Casey ARC (aquatic and recreation centre) in Narre Warren, and has just started planning a similar project in Cranbourne likely to open in 2008 or 2009. For someone obviously associated with sport (I assume you are to be suficiently interested to be in this forum) you seem a bit negative about expenditure on sports facilities. They keep the community active and healthy, and represent a great investment in community development IMO.
No CS, just a bee in the bonnet from a long time ago when Springvale decided to call Shepley Oval home. No one helped us try and save the Old Dandy Footy club and third time lucky for Springvale Footy Club. Never in our life will we see the crowds that Dandenong used to pull back in the Seventys. *****BRING BACK THE REDLEGGERS*******