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Casey Fields- NAB Cup 2007
Casey Fields will be used for the NAB Cup in 2007. A second round match will be played at the ground, most likely between two Melbourne based teams. Although not official, the ground work has been done and it looks as though it will be going ahead. Crowd of upto 10,000 would be expected. St Kilda could be involved if they progress into the second round.
As good as the ground is it is not up to AFL standard may host a practice match but not a NAB Cup.
I agree, it simply wouldn't have the infrastructure for NAB Cup footy such as multiple radio commentary boxes and TV Broadcast facilities.
Nab cup fairdimkim you gives a rats arse ....
NAB Challenge Series match (ie for the teams knocked out of the NAB Cup) could be played at Casey Fields in 2007. No hope of a Cup match in 2007, although in the future there may be as the facilties will be developed and be better than a number of regional centres (eg Cazaly Stadium in Cairns which IS the location for a NAB cup match).
Casey council still wasting my money on this monstrosity. WILSON
Some people have too much time on their hands to worry. Let the experts get on with the job. :roll:
[quote="Redlegger"]Casey council still wasting my money on this monstrosity. WILSON[/quote] If you think you could be doing a better job, why are you not there at the Casey council offices behind a desk?
Tried to, did not get voted in. Always at council meetings, he knows who I am and don't worry, I will keep hounding him until he resigns.
There's always the opportunity to have another go to get on the Council at the next election. But it must be pretty boring always going to Council meetings if you're not a Councillor. Why do you bother going?