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Grant Thomas sacked as Saints coach
The announcement of Grant Thomas sacked as St KIlda coach is that a good thing for the Casey Scorpions?
Good thing for everyone I think. An he didn't quit - he got sacked!
Sorry Big V, I have changed it
He never rated the VFL. He said as much on the radio two years ago.
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Surprising but not totally shocked. Several St Kilda supporters I know did not like Thomas at all. Who will coach the saints ? Maybe a Darren Cresswell or a back door job from Barry Mitchell. Connolly from the dockers would have been odds on about 10 weeks ago to get the flick. Thomas you could have got good odds for him being the first coach sacked.
Geez.... so much for me not listening to SEN as much as I used to. Fox Footy Channel didn't even have a quick news flash when I was watching the West Coast v Sydney replay.