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James Byrne?
Is James Byrne still at the club? the mail is that he tried to come back to Glenelg in the SANFL but we didnt want him back. Did he win the B & F at the club? he has a goal in his football career to win the B & F in the SANFL, WAFL and VFL, i guess the AFL was on that list too but hey he isnt that good.
Yes, he is still at Geelong. Yes, pretty sure he may have won a B and F, but not exactly sure and it might be best to check this website and click on VFL.
as a glenelg man that has not missed a league game since i was 8 (1972), i can tell you that byrne is the worst captain glenelg has had in that time & i'd suggest probably forever, he is/was a very selfish player & yes he got plenty of the ball but all he did was blaze away when kicking & always tried to do it by himself rather when a team mate was in a better position handing it off (glory boy) the standard joke at the club at the time was no one else could comb their hair & adjust their ties etc because chad cornes & james byrne loved looking at themselves in the mirror hence byrne getting the nickname mirrors, as stated by pussy79 on the other thread he ONLY GOT the captaincy because the board was P155 WEAK as he said i want to be captain or i'm going & they gave it to him, the former captain simon hele (who is a great mate of mine) was shattered as playing let alone being captain of glenelg was his (& all of ours) childhood dreams, well he played out the year to get the 200 games up & then retired because of this while byrne went west
Interesting story, Bayman. That's an extreme act of arrogance, leaving a club because you are not named captain. What are your experiences of Byrne off the field?
[quote="bcarbonaro"]Interesting story, Bayman. That's an extreme act of arrogance, leaving a club because you are not named captain. What are your experiences of Byrne off the field?[/quote] no, he was made captain & left the year after, personally byrne was a big head who thought he was better than he was, the next game you go to yell out 'mirrors' :wink: off the field i didn't have too much to do with him but he was one of the very few players in the league that found exuses not to do little things like a quick chat to the kids & autographs etc, where as i can tell you that every player at glenelg in the last 3 or 4 years & from what i've observed from players at other teams they all take time to talk, sign & i can tell you that some glenelg players even have a kick with the kids at half time of the reserves matches as my little bloke always gets to kick with his favourite player(s) every week, these blokes go overboard, but byrne nup only interested in himself
Played at South Fremantle in WAFL under Northey a few years ago before heading back East. Fair player. Is he still at Geelong in VFL?
he came to glenelg when paul roos recommended him to the then glenelg coach tony 'freddy' mcguiness as he was playing in sydney's reserves team at the time, i know because i was there :wink:
That was mentioned in Inside Football, I reckon Paul Amy would be on the money about that one. Anyone seen him training at all?
Just like I'm doing now Dale :wink: All the best to VFL supporters for 2008
[quote="Dale61"]Ben, it was a rumour LONG before it was reported in Inside Football. Don't think, for a second, that he scooped the story. I'm sure a lot of things posted on this board are read by the 'reporters' of various publications, Inside Football included.[/quote] True Dale. I do use this forum for my writing as well.