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Werribee, how good are they?
Having missed watching the last couple of ABC games can someone tell me how seriously should the Tigers be taken? They had a big win against the Scorpions who sit near the bottom of the ladder, but how good was their win against the Cats? Are they playing close to the 12/10 limit, or will their side change massively closer to september? Assuming Port gets over the line against Casey, I am really looking forward to see next weeks game against the Tigers, with Grant playing for Werribee, hopefully the game will draw a decent crowd. How have the fleet of indigenous players on the Bulldogs list been going at Werribee. I am expecting the Tigers to have one of the quicker midfields going around in the VFL which could cause the Borough some trouble.
I don't think the side will change too much close to September, the line up has quite settled in the last month or so. Don't think there will be too many drastic changes.