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Coburg fielding a strong side
Looks like a fairly strong Coburg side they have named this week, first thing that stood out is thats probably as good as they have had for quite some time. Given Richmond play Saturday and have already determined their final line up, there are a fair bunch of players named on the bench in Coburg's team and some will have to end up playing reserves. There's 5 Richmond blokes, then Leigh Carlson whose a gun regardless of how many games he can play this year, and young blokes like Bourke who had 8 touches last week in the last quarter and Nat Caruso whose struggled a bit for senior games this year but has proven capable in the past. Still not sure if they can knock off the mighty Bendigo, but they might give it a shake with this side. We'll find out on Sunday just how good they are I reckon. I think only bkatiger posts here about Coburg, what do you reckon? B E.Kuret A.Pattison T.Jorgensen HB J.Sylvester S.Morrison K.Archibald C D.Meyer D.Polo J.Houlihan HF V.Randello M.Rix R.Hilton F N.Raines J.Schultz A.Houlihan R R.Young B.Hartigan C.Hyde Int from N.Caruso S.Bourke A.Gilmour D.Strachan T.Roach R.Tambling B.Chambers D.Limbach J.Rimington L.Carlson W.Thursfield R.Monteath
Out of our last 3 games, all of which we lost but all under 10 points. I would think the opposition would've thought they'd walk over us and not look back. It is still stupid mistakes that cost the burges these 3 games. Hopefully the boys can play bettter against Bendigo than they did in round 1. ( What an arse kicking that was.) Go Burgers!!!
Rumour is that Richmond might have a problem with several of their big men. Richo, Stafford and perhaps Simmonds and Knobel doubtful. If that's the case, then Morrision and Schulz will play for Richmond - I think they are named as RFC emergencies. That will put a damper on the Coburg side, as Morro has been pretty reliable down back, and Schulz is capable of being the big forward target. Hilton will play for Richmond. Pattison might get another go up foward. The centres look capable, good to see Polo in there. Hope he gets a full game. I wonder if Tambling will play - he'd certainly add a spark if he's confident about his hammies. I think Coburg sometimes lose their intenstity for periods in games, and that's what leads to the stupid mistakes. For a young side, you'd have to expect a bit of that though.
That's a fair point bak, saw on the news there are question marks over a few Richmond blokes. Could make things interesting.
[quote="footyman"]That's a fair point bak, saw on the news there are question marks over a few Richmond blokes. Could make things interesting.[/quote] So who do we have (in the large dept) Rix, but he can't be everywhere. Jorgo is fine, Roberts is there.... but I think The BB might have the wood on this one. Wait and see I suppose.