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Its a bit quiet at Tigerland?
Aside from hearing a few of the names of players the Coburg Tigers have signed for 2006, does anyone know whats going on at Tigerland? Six months ago, it sounded as though the Coburg Tigers would have been lucky to buy two steamed dim sims with their bank balance let alone run a footy club. Was it that extreme or not? I guess the members of the Coburg Tigers wouldn't know, the club haven't yet held an AGM and appear unlikely to hold one prior to the season starting given that a period of 21 days notice of an AGM is required. And has Dean Mighell stood down as president or not? If he has, then do the Tigers intend to hold a formal election or simply appoint anybody willing to put their hand up? I dare say a process needs to be conducted there too, and surely before the season commences is important. We don't seem to have many Coburg Fans on here, but if we do I'd be interested in other thoughts. I as much as anyone want to see all clubs remain in the competition and thrive, but Coburg probably are the biggest worry now that Springvale have moved out to Cranbourne.
Things on the field are going ok at Tigerland. To be honest, I don't know what is happening off the field, except to say that things are more organised then they have been in the past. On the field we will be competitive. Firstly, Andrew Collins has done a great job in getting the list together and getting them into shape for the season ahead. There were quite a few cut from last year, but this is standard for Andrew seeing what he did at Box Hill. Add in experienced blokes like Paul Shelton, Al Neville and Trav Ronaldson and the list is already in better shape then previous years. Richmond's list is better developed as well then last year so on field you can expect a much better performance. Off the field, Ryan O'Connor is doing a great job trying to get the ship back pointing in the right direction however obviously this can not happen over night. Just can't wait for the games to start!