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coburg news
not sure if it got put on here but andy collins has signed up for two years as coach at tigerland. not too mcuh to report on player movements yet but a big loss ex captain eric kuret is leaving to play local footy in the edfl and rob young and james rimmington look to be moving interstate probably sanfl.
Young has shopped himself to just about every club in the Country. I understand his outlook was a bit like 'anywhere but Coburg".
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Any idea where Kuret is going to?


[quote="onslaught"]Any idea where Kuret is going to?[/quote] Apparently there is a good chance that he is going to Greenvale in the EDFL!
yes greenvale i assume hed be have got a good offer to play there.
any ideas on which SANFL clubs those blokes may go to?? what type of players are they??
Coburg looked stuffed next year - unless their Richmond group do something or they find gold out of the Calder Cannons. They've lost Jorgensen, Rimington, Kuret, Young and Randello who were probably five of their walk up start VFL listed players this season. Neville potentially could be rookie listed somewhere. Then there's the usual batch of reserves players such as Bourke, Edwards, Bowes, Browne, Hurst, Chambers who at least provided some depth. Hopefully hear of some signings there otherwise the wooden spoon looks a real possibility.
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Has Fortunato Caruso (spelling) been sighted down at the Lions? Those departures will hurt Coburg, who have struggled to attract players to the club. Any news on signings Footyman?


Fort has been training at Coburg to date along with a number of Calder, Knights and Jets kids. Obviously a couple of losses in terms of the older players that have left. Jorgo is currently overseas, but I believe he will be back. The rest have left though. Neville should he be picked up by St.Kilda or another AFL club will be the big loss. Unfortunately VFL clubs like Coburg can not compete financially with cashed up local clubs like Greenvale. We will continue to identify talent from the u/18 competition as well as surbuban and country comps such as Jake King who was plucked from Nth Heidelberg and won the B&F.
``Hopefully hear of some signings there otherwise the wooden spoon looks a real possibility.'' That's what everyone thought last year but they made the finals. Collins will find some players. He always does