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Two state games ?
Going by the poll at the VFL website, the majority of VFL supporters want the VFL Grand Final shifted away from the AFL Preliminary final weekend. Interestingly, almost 40% say the VFL Grand Final should be played the week after the AFL Grand Final, making the only other game of football on that weekend (barring a draw in the AFL) the SANFL Grand Final. If Football Victoria do shift the game, thats an extra two weeks to the VFL fixture. Could (or should) the VFL therefore schedule another interstate game during the season? Maybe playing the SANFL at the half-way break, and the WAFL in the week before the finals?
Your an ideas man ons! :) I think it has merit. Would be an occasion that brought the rivalries concept further. Dale touched on a valid point though, in that clubs may not be willing to let their players go for the 2 games, or even 1! Fear of injuries is a strange focal concept of todays game. I reckon there is enough time in our schedule to make things work logistically but I'm not well-read on the SANFL and WAFL schedules.
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I decided to resurrect this topic, after listening to Ken Gannons comments on the ABC at half-time last week. The idea of playing the VFA/VFL Grand Final after the AFL one I think is worth trying. Perhaps playing two state games earlier in the season (ok my comment of playing a second state game a week before the finals is a foolish one) could be worth considering. I guess the main issues are the AFLPA, ground availability, and length of season.


VFL PRemiers v SANFL premiers, couple of weeks after GF's?
[quote="onslaught"] The idea of playing the VFA/VFL Grand Final after the AFL one I think is worth trying. [/quote] Thought Ken Gannon dismissed it a bit easily when he said that once the AFL Gf is over people don't worry about footy. The interest in the draft and trading is at record levels, and the success of say the GVFL Grand Final the day after the AFL is also a good guide.