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Makepeice and Biagi perhaps from the scorps. Are they going to pick the absoloute best team possible or focus a bit on the youth as well?? i know there is an u23 game as well but sometimes players a picked on potential as with all things rather than current form.
i would expect that sautner should be picked, possibly with Limbach in the pocket??
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How has Hayden Skipworth gone for the Bombers at this early stage? I am hoping they pick the strongest possible side rather than just go down the youth path for recruiters.. thats what the U23 game is for. We want to see our absolute best go up against the Sandgropers. Marigliani from the Dolphins I would also nominate.


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What about Rucking options?


[quote="onslaught"]What about Rucking options?[/quote] Whats just thinking the same thing Eamesy has to be a chance hows fanning been going??
Hows Jason cloke been going this season?? could possibly be picked at CHB What about Crow from the bullants??
Players so far: Casey Scorpions: Makepeace, Garubba & Harrison Nth Ballarat: Moloney, Cartledge, Stephenson & Clifton Coburg: Neville & Ronaldson Port Melb: Depending on how selectors go. Looking at quality experience in terms of AFL for example you could choose half their senior list Frankston: Berry & Marigliani Geelong: Byrne You could go through every team and choose 3 candidates for selection
Nahas has been playing great football dolphin cause you are a tool do you understand or do you want me to speak english
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[quote="jasonborough"]Nahas has been playing great football dolphin cause you are a tool do you understand or do you want me to speak english[/quote] I've seen Port twice this year and I wouldn't say that Nahas has been playing great football...Against Frankston....average....against Williamstown...average...nowhere near State selection at this stage.. I think you have rose coloured glasses on Jason when it comes to Port Melbourne players

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Zebraman, you are spot on I don't think Nahas is up to state football but will probably play in the under 23 game.