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Gday to all.......
Hi everyone , Fruity here. l'm a true blu aussie .l like football , meat pies, kangaroos "go Kangas" and drive a Holden car. l'm in conflict as to who to follow as our players are split between Nth Ballarat and Tassie Devils. l hated the previous years when the Kangaroos were affiliated with Port Melbourne because l was born and bred a Brunswick boy whose father played for Brunswick and we saw Port as our number 1 nemisis. So being able to now not barrack for Port has been a blessing. As for me ,well l'm 51 ,married ,3 daughters , 5 grandkids and live on the Western Side of town . l must say l really miss the old VFA and especially my Brunswick Football Club. Anyway once again .........G'day from Fruity :?
Welcome, Fruity. Look forward to reading some of your posts.
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Welcome aboard mate.. Good to hear from a Brunswick supporter, one of the great old VFA clubs.