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Grand Final Radio Coverage
Gave SEN, 774 and 3AW all a try while at the game. Thought 774 and 3AW kept referring to the AFL and AFL players a hell of a lot. Annoyed me! SEN were much better in quickly identifying the players and kept up with the play better. I guess they should be, given that they've been on the job all year. Anyone agree? (or disagree?)
Unfortunately, couldn't pick up 3SER on my mobile poor reception. Only now was I able to get a new set of ear phones for my dual band radio, mobile only picks up FM.
Listened to 3AW for a quarter and then SEN. SEN was way better after half time when Schwarz stopped calling and took on the special comments. Wasn't a great call if you follow the play they did miss a few players. You probably would have been able to pick up 3AW or ABC call on the FM somewhere Ben, a few country stations can be picked up from Optus Oval. I always can get 3AW around the 94-96FM mark.
Oh ok, thanks Footyman. Would of been better if I knew this before the game.