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How many VFL players will be drafted tomorrow?
Quick quiz! I reckon there's two or 3 from Tasmania. Could be a couple of smokies from other VFL clubs.
I think you need to rephrase the question, as they are two possibilities. If you are talking about true VFL players then the Tasmanians like Reiwoldt (?) would not be included as they were really only playing up a level as top ups. If they are excluded, as they should be, then you will have maybe one. Probably a case of Callinan [b]or [/b]Edwards. I would consider that there will be none, and that a few will be picked up in the PSD and Rookie Draft. The most important thing at the moment is whether Australia can get to [size=18][b]600[/b][/size].
should have declared at 550?
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VFL footy is good fun, but does not produce many that risen to the top level. How many (new) VFL players, umpires, coaches, have made it to highest level ? How about a list for each category, name some names
Sam Mitchell (Box Hill), Aaron Davey (Port Melbourne), Nathan Lovett-Murray (Willy & Bendigo), Josh Mahoney (Willy & Ess.VFL), Michael Firrito (Box Hill), Michael Rix (PtMel, Box Hill, Coburg), Ben McGlynn (Box Hill), Andy Lovett (Bendigo), Ben Hudson (Werribee), Cam Howat (Box Hill), Chris Bryan (Frankston), the first 4 in particular are very strong, and the rest quite promising. I reckon there'll be a couple, Edwards to North, and the Tassie situation's a bit different, but Riewoldt should go. Think a few will be rookied (not tomorrow obviously).
Add Adrian Deluca (Port Melbourne) & Ryan Ferguson (Frankston).
Troy Simmonds started off at Box Hill.
Recently delisted Port defender Matthew Bishop was a Box Hill boy as well.
Simon Taylor, (Tassy and Box Hill) Jarrod Molloy (Box Hill)
Damien Peverill (Coburg) Mark Porter (Coburg) Brett Montgomory (Springvale) Josh Gibson (Port Melb)Leigh Harding (Geelong VFL) Djaran Whyman (Coburg/Nth Ballarat) Simon Godfrey (Box Hill) Andrew Kellaway (Sandringham) Ben Schwarze (Port Melb) Dale Morris (Werribee) Matthew Boyd (Frankston) Brad Johnson and Giansiricusa (Williamstown-acoording to Footscrays website)
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[quote="theobserver"]should have declared at 550?[/quote] You are right.. they should have declared before the Tea break. Had a few overs at them then. Then you could have had Warne bowling inside the last hour.