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Possible Drug Shock
Always dubious about rumours when am unsure of the reliability of the source but I'm told to look out for a bombshell to be dropped tomorrow when a very high profile Afl star [no names] is outed for his third strike against the Afl drugs code.Who knows,nothing may come of it but will watch with interest.
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The player is at his second AFL club. I'll give you as small clue. He played for Williamstown against Traralgon at Traralgon in 1996. Say no more. The press will spit it out in the next few days no doubt.
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The player was still a teenager in 1996. Williamstown supporters will know who he is. Played a couple of games. The game at Traralgon was his first for the club and the game was a draw.
Definately not him George,don't want to say much more other than has played a couple of games for a club fairly close to your residence.
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I think I know who but will keep it quiet.
Dont hold back cgull spill the beans
Can't say anymore Buddy.
[quote="CGull"]Can't say anymore Buddy.[/quote] Is it still on the cards though CGull?
[quote="CGull"]Can't say anymore Buddy.[/quote] Then maybe you should have refrained from raising it in the first place.
If we want to know, can we PM you to discuss it further?
is the player coming back from an ACL injury at the moment and wore number 23 at his previous club.