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Prelim Final: Coburg v Williamstown
Strange game wasn't it...something like an 80 point turnaround from time on in the second term to the final siren. You can't take anything away from Coburg can you, they didn't even go the game with 12 AFL players today, it was an 11-11 mix. And they got so much out of their VFL players. At 3/4 time it seemed Williamstown had the scoring end in the final term, and after kicking the first of the quarter and getting it back to 18 points it looked like they'd make a game of it. But that last 20 minutes of footy from Coburg was probably as dominant as anybody has played all year, some junk time goals sure, but if they can take that sort of game into next week they'll be a big chance to win. A 15.8 to 2.7 second half in any game let alone a Prelim Final against a side who had a week off, with more AFL listed players and an aligned partner who are still in normal training mode was bloody impressive.
The first half was definitely better to watch I thought. Too one sided during the second half. Coburg's VFL/AFL mix of 11-11 was just right as Footyman said and Coburg have unearthed some great young talent this year.
Go Burgers! What about the Italien boys, Carusos and Gazzo! Set them alight in the third term. Benny, i thought the footy in the third term was real exciting! There was a passage where Caruso had three players on him, and the ball was loose in the midfield. I think Licuria was one. He read the ball better, and was able to get a quick kick forward. And how about his pass to Schulz on the left, he is right sided, you know. Nick Carnell, how good was he, too! The Coburg boys really dominate the midfield, it's often the AFL players who take midfield roles. Hope Coburg can get over Geelong! Good crowd, i heard it as 3,900, but let's just say 5,000.
It didn't look like there were 3,000 there more like 2500 to 2800. What sort of crowd does everyone think we can expect for the Grand Final on Sunday?
It’s hard to call. A lot relies on Geelong’s result on Friday night. If they win, between 8,000-10,000 Geelong fans could turn out! You can get 15,000 to Grand Final training; what better than going to see your reserves running around, seeing who can come into the side, and just soaking up “Geelong”! Richmond’s drawing potential is not to be denied, as I pointed out in another post, incredibly desperate for success, any form! You could get 5,000 or so Tiger fans there. Coburg, I don’t know, possibly 1,500, possibly 2,000? I don’t know, people could come out of the woodworks, hard to call though, and neutral supporters . . . perhaps 2,500. Could draw say 15,000 or so? It’s unpredictable . . . Geelong lose on Friday night and you might get 3,000 or so, disgruntled Cats fans along. But, it could be a lot of Geelong supporters last chance to see a Geelong team in the flesh, ‘cause GF tickets aren’t exactly easy to come by. Also, a biggie considering last year, what’s the weather look like doing? Because I reckon last year, we could’ve got 12,000 or so! All I know is this. My sister, her husband and son are coming, my dad is coming, and a kid at my work is going with his whole family, who are divided between Richmond and Geelong! That’s 10 extra people I know who are going who haven’t been before, at least in the last 25 years. Of course, we might get stuck with 8,500 . . . but I hope my optimism is not misplaced.
That's great that people at your work are interested. I hope we are not stuck with a crowd of 8500-9000 like last year.
Well done by Coburg, great win and thoroughly deserved. I think we could see at least 12 000 this year, Richmond have one of the strongest supporter bases in the AFL, and hopefully plenty can get along.
A crowd figure like that would be great.