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Still waiting to know what time the BAR will be open
Most Liquor licenses run from 12p.m - some from 11 a.m
[quote="iceman"]:lol: :lol: Who knows!! maybe his groin operation will be a disaster and he will be forced to be extremyl cautios in his return playing 5 VFL reserve 1/2 games followed by a couple of full games in the 1's, now wouldn't that pull a crowd for the VFL grandfinal. :wink:[/quote] It sure would.
1116 SEN will not be covering the 2007 VFL Grand Final as they are contracted to cover the NRL Preliminary Final at the Telstra Dome being played at the same time.
Have posted up something about that elsewhere on here, Robbo.
Ben, Just for you I have confimed live coverage on 95.5fm K-Rock (Geelong) from 1pm.
Thanks for that, Robbo.
Umpires have been announced for the Grand Finals. [b]Seniors[/b] Shane Stewart (2) Jacob Mollison (3) Michael Jennings (4) [b]Reserves[/b] Troy McCarthy (12) Matthew Brown (11) Brett Ritchie (17) [b]Note:[/b]Numbers in brackets are the umpire uniform numbers.
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[size=18][b]Teams[/b][/size] [b]Coburg Tigers [/b] B McGuane Silvester White HB N. Caruso Moore Casserly C Jackson Carnell Krakouer HF P. Bowden Riewoldt Oakley-Nicholls F Connors Schulz Hill R Ronaldson Neville Shelton Int Gazzo Simpson F. Caruso Huy Hughes Sewell Farrelly Horne [b]Geelong[/b] B Lonergan S. Hunt Callan HB Tenace Spencer D. Johnson C Davenport Byrne Varcoe HF Grima Playfair Gardiner F Gamble Hawkins Hogan R King Prismall Djerrkura Int Urie Hollmer Bedford West Firman Cheep Thompson Clarke[/quote]


A few of the radio stations have their commentary line ups listed online. What do we think? ABC RADIO VFL Grand Final: Geelong v Coburg at Princes Park commentators: Dan Lonergan, Rob Waters, Aaron Lord, Brad Gotch & Adam White 3AW VFL Grand Final: Rex Hunt, Tony Leonard, Scott Cummings and Graeme Bond. Boundary: Andrew Hewett Any idea who will be calling for the other stations?