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Casey FM 97.7 3SER Coverage
The award winning VFL broadcast team @ Casey Radio will be once again taking you close to the VFL action. This being out 16th Season of VFL Broadcasting!! Casey Radio hope your prepared for another big season. A meeting between all parties on Wednesday 27th @ AFL Vic Headquarters should have the ball seriously rolling towards Season 2008 Any suggestions or volunteers looking to get involved please feel free to PM me or email Thanks for all of your support and stay tuned for more details
Great to hear you guys will be going around for another year. I'd love to help out and volunteer at some stage, but am relatively tied up with other commitments on the weekends. Maybe one day!!!
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Moved post: [quote="Smithy"]What are SER up to. Where is the poster who kept us up to date with all their last coverage. Are SER still broadcasting VFL in 2008? Presume so as I havnt heard otherwise![/quote]


Dont know if the posting is the same person that kept us in tact with everything last season, but it appears that SER are still chugging along. Who's in the crew ....anyone know? Is it true a former VFL and assistant AFL coach is doing some work with them this year?
Full details will follow shortly Everything has been confirmed for Season 2008! With even better equipment then last year we plan to expand our coverage further then ever before. With exclusive broadcasts of Saturday Night VFL Football and the ANZAC Day game Live from ABD Stadium The team details are still being finalised, you must be close to things Smithy but there is a chance a former VFL coach could be joining us in a special comments role throughout the season Will post details of upcoming broadcasts shortly including the Saturday Morning VFL Show.
Just wondering did you guys also do the vfl back in the hay days cause the vfl/a has only been travelling since 2000
[b][u]VFL Broadcasts on Casey Radio[/u][/b] It all starts next Saturday with 2 live broadcasts every weekend plus a Saturday Morning Footy Show dedicated to the VFL. Casey Radio in 2008 will be a year of firsts. With brand new equipment allowing us to broadcast from new venues for the 1st time. Exclusive rights to Saturday Night Broadcasts from Casey Fields. We will be the only radio coverage of the ANZAC Day clash live from Coburg Casey Radio is pleased to annouce Peter Banfield ex Casey & Bendigo Coach will be joining us in a special comments role throughout season 2008. The Footy Show will start from a slightly later time for the start of 2008 starting at 10am but will go back to 9am once a cricket commitments have finished. Round One broadcasts: Saturday: Collingwood v Port Melbourne live from MC Labour Park Sunday: Sandringham v Casey Scoprions. Nigel Carmody ex Casey Captain and Peter Banfield ex Casey Coach to be rejoined in the commentary box for the Casey's 1st game of 2008!!
Banfield is a good get for ser. He was OK when he had a shot at the ABC gig last year. But why would he and Carmody want to watch a Casey game first up? From what I've heard Carmody couldn't get out of place quick enough.
[quote="theobserver"]But why would he and Carmody want to watch a Casey game first up? From what I've heard Carmody couldn't get out of place quick enough.[/quote]Thats smart for 3SER. They've got two guys who can provide an outstanding insight to many players on the Casey Scorpions list.
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Banfield will be great for casey radio. He has coached well at VFL LEVEL and will give us some good insights into all teams. Well done for getting someone with a lot of experience,it will help your station improve its performance. Bigman.