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[quote="STANGA"] Now, the diggers weren't doing much better, possibly worse, but at least bendigo had a club. [/quote] Here, here. I would happily watch a losing Diggers team that I could relate to compared to a Bombers team that means nothing except to Essendon supporters.
Gday guys, Here is an article from the bendigo advertiser. Would like to hear your opinions on it. [b]Link block - BFL clubs against Strathfieldsaye aligning with Bombers LUKE WEST 11/07/2008 8:29:00 AM ANY alignment between Strathfieldsaye and the Bendigo Bombers next year would be opposed by the majority of Bendigo Football League clubs. The BFL board recently issued a discussion paper to its clubs in the wake of Strathfieldsaye signalling its intention last month to join the league next year. The discussion paper surrounds the the make-up of Strathfieldsaye’s playing list, and includes three possible options. Option A is Strathfieldsaye being a stand-alone club that will recruit and manage its entire playing and coaching list for football and netball. Option B involves the Bendigo Bombers, but only should they not field a side in the VFL reserves competition next season. Under Option B, all Bendigo Bombers-listed players who don’t get a game in the VFL would play for Strathfieldsaye. The Advertiser yesterday contacted all BFL presidents, with this option overwhelmingly opposed to. Option C, which is also subject to no VFL reserves side, involves a "structured, tiered list system" whereby Bombers players would be aligned to not just Strathfieldsaye, but some to their BFL home clubs and to the TAC Cup system, subject to a number of guidelines. The Bombers are presently in the process of reviewing their reserves side, with a more clearer future for the team expected by the end of this month. Bombers acting general manager Peter Lodewijks would not comment on the possibility of the club forming an alignment with Strathfieldsaye next year should the reserves end. Strathfieldsaye president Ray Patterson said his club was yet to have any discussions with the Bombers. "All I would say is if the Bendigo Bombers are prepared to approach us, we would sit down and talk to them," Patterson said. BFL clubs have until today to voice their opinions regarding Strathfieldsaye’s bid to become the league’s 10th team next year. "At this point in time, Strathfieldsaye hasn’t even made a presentation to us yet, so as far as any alignments or possible alignments go, it’s all just speculation," BFL chief executive officer Steven Oliver said. "What we have put to the clubs is to say to them, `have a look at these types of things that are being touted, but come to us if you have any ideas of your own'. "All this is at the moment is just a discussion point. It’s a long way removed from Strathfieldsaye at the moment, and we don’t even know what is happening with the Bombers reserves next year. "We want the opinions of the BFL clubs because these aren’t rock-solid options," he said. "I hope we get many varied responses and that any question that needs to be asked about this issue is covered. "I would hate for the clubs to say yes, we want Strathfieldsaye, or no, we don’t want Strathfieldsaye, without giving us their reasons. "We have a very open mind on it at the moment and we look forward to more discussions." The BFL board has asked its clubs to respond to five questions regarding Strathfieldsaye’s intentions to join the league in 2009: * What, if any, thoughts does your club have about the possible inclusion of Strathfieldsaye? * What, if any, thoughts does your club have about any possible alignment with the Bendigo Bombers? * What, if any, thoughts does your club have on the possible alignment models? * What, if any, conditions would your club consider fair and reasonable on the acceptance of Strathfieldsaye into the BFL? * What are the main criteria as a club that Strathfieldsaye would need to address to become a viable competitor? [/b]
Bendigo Reserves beaten by 198 points today. That's disgraceful. Worse than anything Frankston or Springvale served up in their dry years. Time for them to go I reckon.
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Geelong West thirds revisited. The dark gloomy days of Geelong West under 19s from the 70s and 80s.
I like the idea of the VFL having regional clubs. But Bendigo clearly have problems. The guy who replaced Matt Allan (Gary Brennan, was it?) as general manager didn't last long and neither did the new president. So they've got no stability off the field, they're struggling for sponsors and money, and their lack of depth is producing embrrassing blow out scores in the twos. Now they're talking about dropping the ressies. If they do that, there's not much of a club left, just a bunch of players helping Essendon fill out a senior team. Ask Frankston how they went when they dropped their ressies when Rob Mace was coach. Their crowds dropped right away. Seconds players have family and friends who attend games and support functions. That makes them as important as the gun ones players. The lack of support from the Bendigo community mystifies me. You would think they would be pleased to have a club flying the city flag in the second best comp in the country. But apparently not. Still, there's hope if they get the right people in place. When Barnard was general manager he seemed to create a buzz about the club and they got a home final and got a good crowd. If Essendon are still committed to Bendigo, they'll battle on. If not, she's all over.
[quote="theobserver"]If Essendon are still committed to Bendigo, they'll battle on. If not, she's all over.[/quote] That may be the whole point. From what I hear, the Bombers have almost had enough. Remember, prior to Essendon getting involved, Bendigo was just about gone. As I remember it, they didn't win a game in 2 years. I don't think they are long for this world.....
[quote="footyman"]Bendigo Reserves beaten by 198 points today. That's disgraceful. Worse than anything Frankston or Springvale served up in their dry years. Time for them to go I reckon.[/quote] No reserves no seniors

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