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1948 VFA GF Williamstown v Brighton
On this weeks Southern Footy Show they will show the 1948 VFA Grand Final between Williamstown and Brighton. CGull, Blackrocker and others this is worth a look.
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I'll sneak a look. I am sure I was not there; my earliest memories are 1953.
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:D Maybe will show tough man Tomy New and Russ McIndoe, possibly a little early for great Penguin player Keith Warburton . Both Brighton and Williamstown had great players and strong teams in 1948. go zebs zebra :wink:
The Williamstown team that day was: B.Dankert,Sampson,McRae HB.Wilcox,Cameron,Greenland C.Sheahan,Ryan,Featherby HF.Todd,Peacock,Mathews F.Salvas,Redmond,Collins F>Williams,Chapman, Rov.McPherson Res.Walker,Knott Notice Ron Todd at half forward, and Johnny Walker on Reserves bench. Some other big names, Featherby and Lou Salvas.
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The only one from the team I remember is Johnny Walker, he played full forward in the early fifties.