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1st Semi Final - Werribee vs Casey Scorpions
Pre and post game disccusion here.
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Scorpions by 45 points...
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Werribee by 5 points
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This game is a real flip of the coin match. Werribee should bounce from last week's drubbing to Port but I will select Casey to win narrowly. If St Kilda gets through Collingwood I think the incentive will be a bit more for the afl listed players. Casey have surprised a bit this season although Werribee have improved immensly since the first few rounds. Michael Gardiner was in great form last week and could be the key. Casey to win by 10 points with no great confidence.
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Last time around Casey went down with the Kangaroo listed players having a field day. Will be interesting what happens on Sunday. Agree with VFA, if the saints get up the Saturday the boys will be keen to back up the same efforts on the Sunday. Casey by 12 points
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They'll also have insentive if they lose to play well.. So they'll still be there next year and so that they can finish the year on a high.. Same as Corey Jones playing with us
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[b]Werribee Tigers vs. Casey Scorpions (ABC TV) Sunday 14th September 2008 TEAC Oval at 1:10 PM[/b] [b]Werribee Tigers [/b] B Davies Obst Howard HB Henderson S. Thompson Hansen C Barlow Gleeson Ross HF Greenwood Brown Sinclair F McMahon Podsiadly Chisholm R Goldstein Castello Sheringham Int Young Rockefeller Riggio Warren Kenelley Eddy Saker Sharp [b]Casey Scorpions [/b] B O'Bryan Silvagni Taylor HB Ferguson Wall Geary C X. Clarke Birss Matthews HF C. Gardiner Allen Fiora F Dunne Rix Howard R M. Gardiner L. Fisher Steven Int Parker Fraser Chivers Mercoulia Panozza MacLeod Matheson McEvoy

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Ok only been on the juice for 4hrs today so i will go werribee 23pts.
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No Sinclair???
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Congrats to Werribee on their win. Crowd was only about 1200 today (if that). Didn't have the same passion/atmosphere as yesterdays' Willy v F/Ton game.
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The crowd today was terrible and yesterday's wasn't great either. I pose a question: with no AFL on today, why didn't the AFL (which basically owns and runs the VFL these days) come out with some type of promotion to get people along to TEAC. They could have asked (or really demanded) their media partners to give it a push up on the box on Friday night and Saturday night. The lack of promotion is killing this comp. I think people would actually come back and watch VFL games because of the cost (cheap compared to the AFL) and the accessibility to players and coaches. But you've got to get them there in the first place. By the way, I reckon entry to all lead-up finals should be $10