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Telstra Dome grand final offer
Hi all. Nick Sautner has asked me to post a link to the Telstra Dome website. It offers a $10 discount for entry to the grand final.
Considering the need to do stuff like this, I still don't understand why they can't just sell adult tickets for $15 full stop.
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Probably to rip people off that are not in the know. It is a bit like Connex with the Sunday saver and weekend five day pass. I have seen some station staff sell people a daily ticket for $12.10 on a Sunday to once a year travellers that have no clue instead of letting them know of a Sunday saver. Peter Scwhab should be working for Connex. Honestly how many people you reckong will get a ticket for the VFL Grand Final with ticketmaster ? Lucky to be two men and a dog. What a joke. They should have the price as $15 and get rid of this ticketmaster crap and the $10 voucher.
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Hooray for Nick! Mrs Blackrocker & I have saved $20.
Thanks Nick and Paulamy Go the Borough
It will be interesting to see if the HUN still has the $10 discount voucher as well for the GF.