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[quote="NorthPort"] S. DeBruin (R) [/quote]I have a bit of time for him, just he seems to have stalled and not taken his game to the next level. Hopefully sticks around at Port cos I reckon hes got what it takes, just has been treading water for three years probably. The little brother Will goes alright too.
Just got home from Frankston's best and fairest night [b][i]SENIORS[/i][/b] [b]Best and Fairest (Top 5)[/b] [b]Marcus Marigliani 30 votes[/b] Paul Kennedy 26 votes Justin Berry 25 votes Byron Barry 21 votes Toby Conroy 20 votes [b]Best 1st year Player:[/b] Michael Lourey [b]Most Improved Player:[/b] Tory Dickson [b]Best Team Player:[/b] Toby Conroy [b]Most Consistent Player:[/b] Justin Berry [b][i]RESERVES[/i][/b] [b]Best and Fairest(Top 5)[/b] [b]Mitch Bosward 17 votes[/b] [b]Dylan Willis 17 votes[/b] Brendan Dunne 15 votes Curtis Barker 12 votes Daniel Keely 12 votes [b]Most Consistent Player:[/b] Daniel Keely [b]Coaches Award:[/b] David Comben There was also a special presentation to Brett Lovett for his contribution to the Football Club over the last 6 years.