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[quote="NorthPort"] S. DeBruin (R) [/quote]I have a bit of time for him, just he seems to have stalled and not taken his game to the next level. Hopefully sticks around at Port cos I reckon hes got what it takes, just has been treading water for three years probably. The little brother Will goes alright too.
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Just got home from Frankston's best and fairest night [b][i]SENIORS[/i][/b] [b]Best and Fairest (Top 5)[/b] [b]Marcus Marigliani 30 votes[/b] Paul Kennedy 26 votes Justin Berry 25 votes Byron Barry 21 votes Toby Conroy 20 votes [b]Best 1st year Player:[/b] Michael Lourey [b]Most Improved Player:[/b] Tory Dickson [b]Best Team Player:[/b] Toby Conroy [b]Most Consistent Player:[/b] Justin Berry [b][i]RESERVES[/i][/b] [b]Best and Fairest(Top 5)[/b] [b]Mitch Bosward 17 votes[/b] [b]Dylan Willis 17 votes[/b] Brendan Dunne 15 votes Curtis Barker 12 votes Daniel Keely 12 votes [b]Most Consistent Player:[/b] Daniel Keely [b]Coaches Award:[/b] David Comben There was also a special presentation to Brett Lovett for his contribution to the Football Club over the last 6 years.