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Tas v Vics - Ford Ranger Cup

Vics chasing 207 off 37 overs. Can you believe its been raining in Tassy?

Peter Siddle and Bryce McGain did the damage. (4 and 3 wickets respectively).


Pity the bats couldn't cover it. A problem when Hussey and White are playing for Australia while Hodge and Rogers are injured (Rogers during the game when he was batting quite well).
Never mind. Hope the Vics can come back and show something, especially now Siddle has had Aussie call up.
Someone must have realized that Victorians can play cricket.


A good thing that not many people want to see the Bushrangers take on Queensland last night, it was a disabolicle batting display from a side missing some experience including Rogers.

All out for 95 and losing by 135 runs.

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I got caught up doing something at work and never made it to the ground.. probably just as well!

Looks like the Vics have coughed up another home final :(



At the G again today, good to see Warner early just short of a half century.

The NSW line-up has at least seven players who have some sort of international experience, so anything can happen today.