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Practice match - Williamstown v Geelong

17 15 117

Geelong - Goals: Westwood 3, Brown, Tom, Donohue, Bucovaz 2, Hughes, Smith, Hornsey

Best: Mumford, Gillies, Brown, Westwood, Johnson, Donohue

8 9 57


Hard to make anything of this game.

Geelong had about 7 or 8 AFL listed players but only Wojinski of note. The VFL guys were no doubt working for a spot on the Geelong VFL list so therefore probably can play a bit.

Williamstown had about 6 AFL listed players but only Skipper of note. The VFL guys included Davies and Jolley but very few of the others are likely to make the VFL seniors this year. Frankly hard to see a few being regular reserves players.

This week Williamstown will play 2 games against Coburg so there should be a better mix of players to assess from a Seagulls point of view.


lets hope there form continues through out the year


Personally, I'd rather see more even contests where the result is in the balance into the final term.

It's just boring when your side beats the opposition by over 100 points, especially when it's at their ground and it's only a couple of seasons ago, jasonborough.