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Round One - Port Melbourne v North Ballarat

Port Melbourne vs. North Ballarat (ABC TV)
Saturday 11th April at 1:10 PM - TEAC Oval

Port Melbourne

B Pinwill Baird Batsanis
HB Nixon Smith Dalton
C Dwyer McGrath S. Brewer
HF Grima Bonaddio Mullins
F McMahon McLaren Robbins
R A. Deluca Pleming Cain
Int Burstin Fanning Dillon Raymond

* Bears no relation to actual positions

North Ballarat

B Watt Moloney Greig
HB Feery Searl Hall
C Roach Sewell W. Benjamin
HF Jones A. Edwards McMahon
F Driscoll Jo. Smith Spolding
R Stephenson Clifton Goodes
Int Lower White T. George


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This should be a great launch for the VFL season, both teams look very strong.

I thought Fabian Deluca would struggle to make the Port side for Round 1, and it looks like he has been left out. Lots of height should give the Roosters some trouble if the weather is good....

That said, the Roosters have a strong side, with a lot of premiership players in the side.

I reckon Port should just sneak over the line, but I reckon it will be very close regardless of which side gets over the line.

I didn't think Burstin would make the initial side, good luck for to him along with Raymond and Batsanis for their Port Melbourne debuts.


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2009 VFL Reserves

Port Melbourne 5.6 10.10 14.13 16.16 (112)
North Ballarat 2.1 3.2 8.2 11.5 (71)

Port Melbourne: Dare 3 Deluca 2 Casey-Leigh 2 Thomas 2 O'Keefe 2 O'Farrell Siciliano Martin Scipione Milhuisen
North Ballarat: Boyd 3 Richardson 3 Orvis Radley Bell Raworth George

Port Melbourne: Thomas Suckling Siciliano Schultz Milhuisen Hassett
North Ballarat: Richardson Bell Luke Struth Beardsell Niblett

Port Melbourne: Nil
North Ballarat: Nil

2009 VFL Seniors

Port Melbourne 3.5 8.9 12.11 20.13 (133)
North Ballarat 1.3 3.5 5.12 7.13 (55)

Port Melbourne: Bonaddio 5 Deluca 4 Dwyer 2 Pinwill 2 Cain 2 Mullins Burstin BAIRD McMahon Robbins
North Ballarat: Driscoll 3 Edwards Stephenson McMahon White

Port Melbourne: Dwyer BAIRD Deluca Dillon Pleming Pinwill
North Ballarat: Clifton Goodes Driscoll Edwards Sewell White

Port Melbourne: Nil
North Ballarat: Nil


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A great start for the Borough, posting a big win against an unimpressive Roosters side. North Ballarat were made to pay for some poor disposal errors and turnovers while the two talls of Bonaddio and Adrian Deluca looked good in front of goals for Port.

Sam Dwyer was awarded BoG from the ABC, but it was a pretty even performance across the ground.



A very satisfying and somewhat surprisingly easy win for the Borough - The Roosters were at times woeful with their disposal and attack at the ball.

I thought it was the best game Sammy Dwyer has played for the club, helped to some extent by a lack of anyone picking him up. He appeared to be 20 metres in the clear on numerous occasions.


Well done to the mighty borough the start of something special

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Just finished watching the game against the Roosters (sad bastard I know :) ) Lots of good signs for Port, but North Ballarat had they kicked straight (not just in front of goals) might have made it different sort of game entirely.

Probably only one change for Port next week, assuming David Pitt is fit ?


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Watching the replay yesterday after going to the game as well I think Port is as equal as last year but more likely a touch better with the inclusion of Deluca. Gives the borough another avenue to goal. Batsanis replaces Nahas. Not as quick but he is handy. Grima is a good replacement for Spriggs. Bonaddio is a hard player for other teams to match with his bulk. Brewer played a ripper of a game and Sam Dwyer was very elusive in his best ever game for the club.

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Only saw the last quarter of the reserves which was pretty unimpressive from a Port perspective, with the win setup after a big second quarter with 7 goals to 1 kicked.

A bit of experience there for Port several of those named in the bests have played senior football while Siciliano and Suckling have played practice matches in the seniors.

I reckon the only thing that might hurt Port this season is slight lack of legspeed. Bring on Casey on Saturday night.



Very good overall team performance. Aside from everything we saw on saturday, one of the most pleasing things for me was the number of guys who played in 2s who are def capable of pushing up.
There is probably 7-8 genuine good players in our seconds...Great signs for 2009!!


How did Grima go?? the bloke has had a horror run with injury but i have always rated his football ability!