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Cats decide on ''Premiership Stand''

GEELONG has decided to give the new stand at Skilled Stadium the generic name of ''Premiership Stand''.

The decision by the club's board will now be put to the City of Greater Geelong, which must approve the name.

President Frank Costa said the decision to use a generic name rather than honouring an individual great of the club was about recognising the club's move to a more team-focused attitude.

“We are all about team success, and we see the “Premiership Stand” as an opportunity to recognise the great successes of the past and at the same time is aspirational for teams in the future,” Costa said.

“We are sure that had we chosen to name the stand after a past great of the club people would have been accepting of that.

"However we see this as an opportunity to celebrate team achievements. After all, team success is what everybody at the club is striving for and it is what we believe should be celebrated."