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Will you be going to the Grand Final?

I'm seriously contemplating giving this year a miss, I haven't enjoyed the VFL at all this year and think the competition is heading in the wrong direction. As one of the VFL's biggest endorsers three or four years ago, I find the product dull, boring and uninteresting. Are we meant to get a kick out of seeing AFL rejects playing out their contracts in the VFL? The VFL hasn't got a patch on any other competition in Australia where there is genuine passion among supporters. Fake enthusiasm that AFL club supporters bring to the VFL does nothing for me. There's nothing worse than seeing people barrack for players, rather than seeing them barrack for a team.

Will you be there?


I think you’re onto something footyman. Things do seem to have changed in the VFL this year.

I reckon it’s something to do with the AFL Clubs not getting their Reserves Competition out of the 2nd tier review, so through the alignments they are pushing their agendas as hard as possible to turn the VFL into a pseudo-AFL Reserves comp.

We already have 2 AFL Reserves teams, next year Essendon will most likely become No 3.

In the paper on Sunday we read more confirmation of Carlton’s agenda to change the Bullants into the Northern Blues.

Coburg could soon move to Craigieburn to play at Richmond’s training venue.

Where is the tipping point between a credible Victorian state league and the AFL reserves?

A good crowd turned up at Coburg on Saturday for the (what a flop) Richo show. You’re right, the AFL supporters follow the players not the team, I’ll bet the Richmond supporters would have struggled to name 1 Coburg listed player (maybe Tim Clarke).

Some of the alignments don’t make much sense on a geographic or historical basis which I think is a lot of the problem in getting spectator support. At Box Hill we are lucky, the shared colours with Hawthorn and the geography means that Box Hill’s crowds are still pretty good, admittedly boosted by a good regular turn out of Hawthorn supporters. They are pretty knowledgeable too, standing amongst a few on Saturday they recognised and cheered for the likes of Steve Kenna, Adem Yze, Cam Pedersen, Lukas Markovis and Sam Iles every bit as much as any of the Hawthorn listed players.

I’ll probably attend the GF if Box Hill make it, but otherwise probably won’t bother.


I'll go, regardless who's playing, simply to support the comp.
No doubting crowds sizes are a problem and reflect a comp that no one outside of the diehards really understands.
Poor crowd at the Roosters Seagulls game (1 vs 3), and a few weeks back Willy Coburg crowd would have been woeful without the Footscray and Richmond supporters.


Lets hope everyone gets to the grand final even if there side doesnt make it.

JB, Just on the topic of crowd its a big worry really. But apart from AFL games being played on the same day I think what really hurts the VFL is saturday games....Every VFL club that plays on a saturday has a local side in the same suburb or within 5 mins that is playing on the same day.

At Port we still get ok crowds and is always bigger when we play Williamstown and other rivals etc etc. But down the road there is 1000 people watching Port Colts. If you combine both crowds you have a decent crowd and atmosphere. Really the only time we get to utilise the full support of the area is at finals time when sometimes the VFL doesnt clash with local finals.

Maybe push a few more friday night games when grounds get better lighting. From all reports the Werribee game earlier on in the year got a monster crowd. why?? Theres not much competiton on at that time and its the end of the working week for many.

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I'll be at the GF as I haven't missed one since the days of Max Papley at Williamstown. Still the comp is getting more like an AFL reserves especially with this Northern Blues garbage, Craigieburn talk and bulldozing Coburg, throw in Windy Hill and a possible Essendon reserves team and of course it sounds like AFL reserves. Then you got morons that talk about AFL listed players all the time (Howard Leigh and Chris 'Josh Fraser's lovechild' Mitchell.
If they do not get a decent crowd this year at Ethihad Stadium then where ?
Surely not back at Carlton.
The crowd was disapointing in last years GF, hopefully they can do a lot better otherwise it is curtains for Ethihad Stadium. Will the vfl promote to the hill or just sit back and do nothing and get embarassed with a poor crowd.
What things can they do to try to entice a decent crowd ??


The VFL is not ready for Grand Finals at Etihad stadium. Its embarrassing for the comp to see so little crowd in a big stadium.

But 11,000-15,000 at Punt Road, Junction Oval or a similar venue would be fantastic. (Please dont write in and talk about the sub standard facilities)

I went to the 2 grand finals at Port in the late 90s and the atmosphere was unbelievable.


[quote=burraburger] I think what really hurts the VFL is saturday games....Every VFL club that plays on a saturday has a local side in the same suburb or within 5 mins that is playing on the same day.[/quote]

Friday night games at Port might be the answer, personally I think Saturday night would work better. Friday night at Werribee - no way, too much traffic would deter away team supporters from going.


What things can they do to try to entice a decent crowd ??[/quote]Probably let kids in for free again, then you have to contend with the little shits everywhere getting in the bloody way!!!!

Free entry would be nice, but only a dream. They can't sacrifice the lost income. But clearly it didnt work last year, so perhaps they need to be aggressive in their promotion this time around.


A few of us had an idea last year about getting more people to the grand final. Each VFL club should be given 500-1000 passes to the VFL grand final. They can be given out in there local areas. EG schools, local footy clubs, business etc.

So put some responsibility on the VFL clubs to make a difference and try get everyone working together.

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Mrs Blackrocker & I have not missed many VFA/VFL GF's, we will be there

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Since 1994 the best atmosphere for a Grand Final would be the 1997 Sandy v Frankston at Port Melbourne. Smaller ground being packed is far better than a ghost oval with two men and a dog there.
Basically to get people into Ethihad stadium the vfl (AFL) would have to cover costs and charge no more than $5. They would need to advertise the crap out of it and also have a good lead up on the footy show to try to entice people there.
Otherwise it will look very ridiculous on the idiot box.
The TAC GF should be played a bit later than last season with no more than a 30 minute gap before the main game.