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Query About the Reserves Ladder

Obviously the VFL have all sorts of problems putting a Reserves draw together with the 2 AFL Reserves sides throwing the fixture into chaos.

Looking at the Reserves ladder today I notice that Bendigo and Sandringham have had 3 byes each, meaning that they will play 1 less game than everyone else.

So how does this affect the ladder at the end of the season?

Is the ladder position decided on premiership points or will a "match ratio" be calculated like the AFL did for a while in the 90s when there was an odd number of teams in the AFL?

It doesn't matter a hoot for Bendigo who will finish last anyway but for Sandringham it could change the ladder position and even decide if they make the Finals or not.

Perhaps they could solve the problem by fixturing Sandy's and Bendigo's Reserves to play an extra game on a Wednesday night before the end of the season!

Anyone know the answer?

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In every comp in the world you would except each team to play the same amount of games unless of course it is the vfl Bendigo and Sandy reserves.
That is unbeleivable. If Sandy need that extra game to make the finals or finish in a certain spot they should DEMAND an extra game whether it is on a Wednesday night or whenever. It should be on the vfl expenses as well.

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Yes VFA there will be one game less for Bendigo and Sandy in the Ressies and this will be sorted out after the last game with team pertcentages deciding positions. It's a different finish to the normal way but Sandy have to win 1 more game to play in finals this season. So GO ZEBRAS

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More proof that the VFL reserves is treated like a joke by AFL Victoria!

What sort of organisation would create a competition where this happens?? Couldn't Sandy have played Bendigo during one of the VFL byes or something?