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Round 19 - Werribee v Geelong

Half-time scores:
Werribee Tigers 3.3 8.5 . .
Geelong 3.2 7.2 . .

Casey Radio:

SMS 0484438415


Final Score at Werribee

Werribee 22-12(144)
Geelong 10-2(62)

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That ruined my tips!

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George's Kiss of death got 5 winners. Being so biased against the black and white naturally cost me the six winners.I have not selected them all season.
That's life.
Werribee must have played really well after half time and Geelong poorly.
What was the crowd like at Chirnside Park ??
Coburg have gone from bad to worse in recent weeks. The bullants could ben dangerous in September but they too can be incosistent.
Roosters will be in th box seat with a home final in 2 weeks time. Providing of course they beat the zebras next week.


The crowd was reasonably healthy, although I think that there definitely more people watching the game we played against Bendigo earlier in the year.

A bit disappointing, but I think that if we can market it better and gave away some tickets to various community football clubs etc we will get much better crowds for night games.

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I say BC, that next year, the local derby - Werribee v Willy should be a Saturday Night game.



That's a fair call, Pete.

I think that would definitely pull a great crowd, even better if it doesn't clash with a North Melbourne or Bulldogs game.

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I would definately be there if Williamstown played a night game.