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Box Hill Hawks 0.6 5.11 12.14 17.19 (121)
Geelong 4.3 6.4 7.9 13.9 (87)

Box Hill Hawks: Yze 3 Suckling 3 Iles 2 Breust 2 Morton 2 Pedersen Lisle Williams George Fagan
Geelong: Podsiadly 4 Gamble 2 Allwright 2 Lonergan 2 Raidme Varcoe Hunt

Box Hill Hawks: Walsh Iles Curnow Suckling Kiel Yze
Geelong: Tutungi Gamble Podsiadly Firman Laidler Hunt

Box Hill Hawks: Nil
Geelong: Nil

Crowd looks pretty bad, probably less than 1000. Yze could be in trouble after head high contact with Podsiadly

Williamstown 2.4 3.6 4.10 6.13 (49)
Northern Bullants 2.1 6.8 10.10 11.12 (78)

Williamstown: Galea 2 Rose 2 Joyce Roughead
Northern Bullants: Fisher 2 Yarran 2 Anderson Gianfagna Bannister Austin Spiteri Ellard Iacobucci

Williamstown: Callan Skipper Wood Addison Joyce Davies
Northern Bullants: Ellard Browne Bentick Edwards Hartlett Jacobs

Williamstown: Nil
Northern Bullants: Nil

Go Preston!


[quote=digs][quote=jasonborough]Well played nth ballarat,the score was blown out in the end,your VFL players were the ones,that got the job done,we did okay for three quarters or two and a half and that was it lets hope its a better showing next week,congrats to digs and rooster[/quote]

Thanks Jase,
You are a good sport.
I was looking for you after the game to buy you a pot but I understand that you have to drive home. Might be able to catch up next week, but I'm not sure when the reserves play.
At the 10 min mark of the third quarter we were in more s##t than a Werribee duck. Good to finish off on a good note.[/quote]
Thanks digs very dissapointed in the article by howard leigh stating how good corey jones was 3 goals in the last quarter big deal it was your vfl players that did the damage,thats right hes an afl listed player so howard must say so bullshit about him,you are a dick howard how about the vfl players that did the job,you dickhead