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2nd Preliminary Final - Northern Bullants vs. Port Melbourne

North Ballarat vs. Port Melbourne – 2nd Preliminary Final (ABC TV)
Sunday 20th September
TEAC Oval at 2:10 PM

Northern Bullants
B Saddington Spiteri Edwards
HB Boundy Hartlett Jo. Bannister
C Browne Iacobucci Ja. Bannister
HF Morgan Fisher Yarran
F McCorkell Cloke Bransgrove
R Jacobs Bentick Gianfagna
Int Garlett Hill Ellard
S. Austin Neaves Pfeiffer
Bentley Anderson

Port Melbourne
B S. Brewer Dalton Nixon
HB McGrath Pleming Suckling
C Batsanis Dillon Hassett
HF Dwyer Smith Cain
F Pitt Bonaddio Robbins
R Fanning Pinwill McMahon
Int F. Deluca Sengstock McLaren
Schultz Raymond O'Farrell
Neville Grima

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Who will likely be the interchange players.
McLaren or Deluca will play I would say to cover Johnny Baird.
Sengstock was ok last week and so was Neville.
O'Farrell should play as his poetential was underlined a few weeks ago.
Preston's team looks ok but I think the week off might actually not help them especially the Carlton listed players.
Port will be a tough nut to crack at Teac Oval.
Should be a good game though.


I have a feeling we will bring in at least one tall as it will be a fine day. McLaren or Deluca obviously. I also think that O'Farrell could be in danger of losing his spot. His last few weeks have been abit quiet.

Id love to see either Shultz or Raymond back in for that extra bit of scoring power.
Out of the bench all players would be pretty unlucky to miss.


I believe congratulations are in order for pitty,as tommorow will be his 175th game becoming a life member congrats {brad},jasonborough

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There will be a large group of blokes on a footy trip from a local WA club that will be at Teac Oval barracking for the borough on Sunday.
They will most likely be wearing their club tops which ironically are the same colours as Port.
Should add to many borough faithfuls that will be there on the day.

Pauls Camcorder (not verified)

George I'll see you at the pub before the game. My old mans coming along, trying to locate the memorabilia that you're after. He really appreciates you bringing the Northcote Vs Oakleigh DVD this Sunday. See you & Jason there.

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I will dig up the vhs and start converting overnight.
I will also bring a dvd from my video footage of
Casey v Port under lights, Sandy v Port, Port v Sandy and last weeks classic Port v Box Hill (SF). Will bring a few copies for the borough faithful. Probably around 3 hours of footage includine Ayres 3/4 time sopeech.

Can you burn some of the camcorder footage you have taken this year as it would be god to have a LOOK.

See you at the Prince Alfred at midday.

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The Northern Bullants set up a good win, after a super impressive 2nd quarter. The Bullants used the ball well, and just looked a little too polished with their quick movement of the footy, a lot of which was set up rebounding out of Port Melbournes forward line.

But the Borough gave them a bit of a scare, and imposed themselves on the game once again, going down with their heads held high.

I've had a few to drink so I'll (hopefully) post something more constructive later.

Northern Bullants 4.4 11.10 14.10 16.13 (109)
Port Melbourne 3.1 4.4 8.9 13.10 (88)

Northern Bullants: Yarran 5 Cloke 4 Fisher 3 Garlett 2 Bransgrove Boundy
Port Melbourne: McGrath 5 Dwyer 3 McMahon 2 Cain Deluca Robbins

Northern Bullants: Yarran Browne Bannister Fisher Bentick Spiteri
Port Melbourne: McGrath Schultz Pleming Dwyer Raymond Pinwill


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A little side-note, Warrick Capper was in the rooms having a few drinks after the games. Now that would be a marquee signing! Well, maybe at Reserves level :)


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The surface today was very very average.......very wet on the scoreboard pocket....players slipping all over the place....the centre very muddy...

Looked even worse on the TV when I got home...

If the VFL want to persist in using TEAC Oval as their preferred venue then a lot of work is needed to bring the surface up to scratch

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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I wasn't sure that playing Fabian Deluca was the right option, but I'm probably just playing what-ifs now. 3 changes to the side from last week with baird, (injured), O'Farrell and Sengstock all out.