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Geelong 2010 VFL Fixture

Link here:

[quote]Richie Pace & Ben Waller
5:14 PM Tue 01 December, 2009
James Podsiadly

Today's headlines
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Wed, Dec 02, 09VFL: 2010 fixture
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Fri, Oct 23, 092009 premiers on stage
Sun, Sep 27, 09The VFL has released its 2010 draw and the Cats will have an interesting challenge ahead.

Geelong will have three curtain raisers at Skilled Stadium, in rounds 4, 6 and 10 of the AFL season. The Cats will also play twice at Skilled ahead of AFL night matches at Etihad Stadium - rounds 12 and 20.

Overall the Cats will have 10 Saturday games and eight Sundays. Other highlights include:

First ever night match at Casey Fields in the opening game, and maiden VFL games at Victoria Park, Gold Coast and Craigieburn. Stand alone games in AFL rounds 16 & 18 when the Cats senior team plays interstate Nathan Ablett and the Gold Coast return to Skilled Stadium on 31 July in a stand alone encounter.
Click here to see a combined Geelong VFL and AFL fixture

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NorthPort wrote

The Cats will also play twice at Skilled ahead of AFL night matches at Etihad Stadium - rounds 12 and 20.

Geelong's AFL Round 20 is on Aug 14th at Etihad Stadium. The VFL lists Geelong as playing at Port Melbourne at 2pm same day. (Not at Geelong.)

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Premiership coach past 2 seasons ,cannot go past Fitzgerald.

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Sorry somehow in wrong link.

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mid week session again Zebra??

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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You have to allow for pre xmas celebrations,then xmas celebrations, then post xmas celebrations then pre footy sesaon ...... shall I go on??


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We need another premiership celebration