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Merry Christmas all

I'd just like to wish everyone who has been involved with the site a very Merry Christmas and a great season in 2010!

The site has been busier again in 2009 with over 60,000 hits for September. Hopefully we can convert some of those that visit the site to become contributors.

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Thank you providing the forum; your efforts are appreciated. Season's greetings to you and all readers and contributors.

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All the best for xmas and the new year to all the vfl footy posters and their families. Cheers and enjoy the festive season !!!

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Dave another fantastic effort once again have a great xmas to yourself and all the other posters may santa bring you a special gift,me a new set of taylormade golf clubs bring on santa

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Merry Xmas to Sandy and all other VFL supporters and especially these posters.

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Merry Christmas and best wishes to all VFL posters.
Thanks to David for putting the time & effort into this great website. I have met some terrific people because of it.
It's been a lot of fun with friendly banter & a bit of stirring, especially the Port boys.
Good luck to all.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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From me also a big thanks to NorthPort for putting in the time and effort to maintain the only place where VFL supporters can engage in a bit of (nearly always) good natured banter.

I mean, if you can't stir up the occasional Seagull or Borough supporter, what is there left in life to enjoy? :bigsmile:

In the words of the greatest Christmas song of all time, Merry Xmas Everybody!

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Thanks North Port for keeping this fantastic site running. Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year.

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Merry Christmas to all VFL supporters who write posts to this wonderful site also thankyou to Northport who makes it all happen as he does a great job. Hope you all have a nice christmas day with your family and a happy new year 2010.
Go Borough 2010!

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Keep up the great work NorthPort, love the banter with the Port boys ;)
Merry Christmas to all posters and have a great and safe 2010 :beer:
2010 prediction - 3 peet for the Chookies :O

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Merry Christmas to everyone

PS If you going to watch the VIC vs NSW One Day Cricket tomorrow night at the SCG I will be in the crowd. I am heading up on the train tonight. Back in Melbourne late on Christmas Eve in time for the test match.