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James Puli

Ok, I'm going back a few years.. but I often wondered why AFL clubs never looked at Puli, I always remember him playing well against Port Melbourne, and seemed to do alright in the TV games I saw. For a tall, he seemed agile/athletic enough.

Am I just over-rating him, or was he one of those players that could have gone further with his footy?

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definatly should have played AFL

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The 90s wasnt a great time for VFA players trying to make the AFL. I thought Paul Dooley would have played alot of AFL as well.
Matt Kershaw for Port looked a good prospect although every time he kicked a bag on TV the commentators would say he's too small for league football. Good topic NorthPort, who else was there????

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Hi guys. Just to fill you in what happened to my brother. He had calls from a few AFL clubs but decided on training preseason (mid 90's) with Hawthorn while playing with the Jets but his heart wasn't in it. AFL was big time and he was a young 17 year old who would rather have his freedom and not be set into a strict diet and training regime that would require our mum drive him to training 4 times a week during his VCE year. He was described by Simon Atkins as the best tap ruckman he had ever played with.